Superdry Winter Coats

There’s no denying that winter is officially here, with half the country covered in snow (and Brighton still waiting) it’s probably time you dig out all your jumpers, gloves and maybe even that terrible hat you told your Mother you’d wear…

Superdry have brought out a new range of coats, for not only keeping warm, but for the nights where fashion supersedes comfort.
They have gone old school with a flowchart, reminiscent of the ones you used to enjoy in those old teen magazine – that you can follow to find the right outerwear. Start with the first question and keep choosing the option that speaks directly to you, until you finally get to the end. You might even discover something new about yourself too.

The chart depends on you and what you hope to get out of your coat this winter. Whether that be a Christmas party you’re attending, for those brisk morning walks or even a Tinder date, Superdry will have something to suit your mood and YOU.

What's the perfect winter jacket for you?
Provided by Superdry

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