BN1 support local mediaHi there! Although covering culture and community in Brighton & Hove is both a pleasure and a privilege, we do have a wide range of running costs. By contributing a small amount, you can help ensure BN1 Magazine remains independent, objective and free to all.

For over ten years, we’ve worked tirelessly to support local creatives, charities and businesses, offering a comprehensive guide for locals and visitors all year round. We seek to highlight theatre productions, comedians, artists and musical acts which sometimes don’t get the recognition they deserve, despite these people offering the rich cultural diversity which makes the city so wonderful.

Hopefully, we’ve left a positive impact on this city, through projects like our Fringe Bursaries, public events and media partnerships with much-loved institutions like Brighton Pride, Paddle Round The Pier and Brighton Dome. And with your help, we can do even better.

Support funds of any amount gratefully received, with the option to stay anonymous if you wish.

Thank you.

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