Duke of Richmond [left] and Dominic Chinea [right] at the Goodwood Revival 2022.

Sustainable Craft Stars and Restoration Expert join Goodwood Revival line-up for second-hand celebration

  • TV presenter and sustainable interior designer, Micaela Sharp will lead the Revive & Thrive Craft content. She will bring a modern re-imagining of the ‘Make Do and Mend’ ethos.
  • Author and founder of The Bargello Edit, Nerrisa Pratt will teach visitors to sew, stitch and salvage second-hand clothes. Find her in the Revive & Thrive Sewing Tent.
  • TV’s Dominic Chinea set to headline sustainable crafts content at Goodwood Revival.
Micaela and Nerrisa at the Revive & Thrive Village, Goodwood Revival 2022.

Goodwood is thrilled to announce that Micaela Sharp, Nerrisa Pratt and Dominic Chinea will headline Goodwood Revival’s Revive & Thrive Craft content.

Their workshops and demonstrations will empower visitors to breathe new life into second-hand belongings. This will be alongside restoration expert Dominic Chinea also amongst headliners. He will share traditional upcycling wisdom through a modern lens on the weekend of 8-10 September 2023. 

Revive & Thrive launched last year on event and this year is expanding into new areas. It is the greatest celebration of second-hand. It’s essentially a modern day reimagining of the Make Do and Mend ethos of post-war Britain. We can breathe new life into second-hand treasures by using the traditional skills of the era in fresh, modern ways.

As a result, Goodwood have three craft heroes working with them to present workshops, demonstrations and talks at Revival. They will champion this more sustainable way of life and hopefully inspire visitors to take up a new craft.

A little more about the Revive & Thrive headliners

Micaela Sharp at the Revive & Thrive Village, Goodwood Revival 2022.

With a special interest in using heritage skills in fresh, modern ways, Micaela has championed sustainable upcycling on a host of TV programmes . These include Changing Rooms, Interior Design Masters, Kings of the Wood, Junk Masters and Flipping Profit – is the co-founder of interior design company, Micaela Sharp Design and bespoke furniture collective, Studio Janettie.

With a special interest in reviving heritage skills, Nerrisa set up The Bargello Edit in 2020. She has a book and kits to re-introduce this retro needlecraft to the mainstream. She has appeared on ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas’. Also, she recently surpassed a million views on TikTok with her first attempt at shoemaking. In February, she officially launched The Craft Room Co. A sustainably-minded sewing school in Guildford that offers workshops with influencers and local makers.

Dominic is famous for bringing time-worn belongings back to life on a raft of popular television shows. Skilled enough to renovate ‘anything with wheels’, Dominic’s talents extend way beyond vehicle restoration. They also include sign painting, metal work and set design, with previous clients including Rankin and Hunger Magazine. Dominic is also an expert salvage hunter and the author of Tools, A Visual History: The Hardware that Built, Measured and Repaired the World. A passionate advocate of heritage craftsmanship, Dominic embodies Goodwood’s Revive & Thrive ethos. He is electing to repair, repurpose and recycle second-hand belongings for a lifetime of use.

Nerrisa Pratt at the Revive & Thrive Village, Goodwood Revival 2022. Ph. by Stephanie OCallaghan.

About Goodwood Revival

Held in the beautiful West Sussex countryside every September, Goodwood Revival is an immersive vintage experience set in period theme. Each year as we recreate the glamour and excitement that suffused the glory days of motor racing at Goodwood from 1948 to 1966, we revisit a time when people would ‘make do and mend’ cherished belongings for a lifetime of use.

In 2023 – Revival’s 25th year – the Revive and Thrive Village will embrace that strikingly relevant ethos with heritage skill-focused demonstrations and pop-ups, and by amplifying the voices of those with a passion for sustainable heritage crafts. Within this creative hub, a schedule of live workshops and demonstrations with a line-up of experts from around the UK will champion the revival of beautiful old possessions.

Micaela Sharp:

“I’m excited to bring together a community of craftspeople and artists to impart their skills and expertise – my hope is that people will leave feeling better prepared to shop second-hand and use these crafts in their own lives, whether that’s to fix up a vintage dress or repurpose a thrifted find into something new.” @MicaelaSharpDesign

Nerrisa Pratt:

“It’s an honour to be a part of the Sewing Tent this year. Revival is such a glamorous experience, with this strong message that the crafts of the past can be used to repair, recycle and repurpose second-hand belongings.” @NerrisaPratt @TheBargelloEdit

Dominic Chinea: 

“I’m thrilled to be back at Goodwood Revival – I really want the Revive & Thrive Area to inspire people to have a go, and if not take up a craft, then appreciate and support those who do.” @DominicChinea

Dominic Chinea at the Goodwoode Revival 2022. Ph. by Stephanie OCallaghan.

The Duke of Richmond, founder of Goodwood Revival, said: 

“Micaela and Nerrisa are at the forefront of the modern wave of creative, sustainable craft; we are delighted to welcome them to Revival to share their expertise with our visitors. As we celebrate a landmark anniversary at Revival, we are keen to take the best of the past forward with us, building a platform with those who champion this lifestyle.” 

“Dominic really exemplifies what we mean by ‘Revive & Thrive’, and has so many sustainable solutions to share with our visitors. He’s an authority on automotive restoration, of course, but also embodies the creativity, joy and excitement we celebrate at Revival.”

The rest of the stellar line-up of experts and influencers will be announced soon.

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