On Sat 30 May, Together Co, the Brighton & Hove based charity which exists to end loneliness, is hosting a virtual music festival.  TogetherFest will see more than 20 bands perform for free to raise money to help the most vulnerable and isolated.

Local bands perform for TogetherFest will include Melissa Bel, Luna Blue and Dakka Skanks. From midday on Sat 30 May, each band will release a mini gig which can be viewed for free via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Everyone taking part is giving their time to encourage people to find out about new music in Brighton, then donate to support Together Co’s essential work.

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Together Co Befriending has seen a 781% increase in referrals compared to the same period last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every single pound raised by the virtual festival will make a difference – from helping train more volunteers to deliver food or offer friendly phone chats. It will also help develop resources to support a City wide response to loneliness.

Brighton & Hove loneliness charity, Together Co, are presenting TogetherFest on Sat 30 May 2020, an all-day online gathering of amazing local music talent“So many people have experienced loneliness and right now it is worse than ever for people who are isolated,” said Melissa Douglas, the lead singer from Stranger Girl (right). “I’m taking part in TogetherFest because we can make a difference. Together Co is doing so much to help people realise they are not alone and that people do care. Community is so important right now and I think we need to all try to do our little bit to help with this.”

“Loneliness has direct impact on every aspect of health and, since lockdown,” added Jo Crease, CEO of TogetherCo. “We’ve seen the situation in Brighton & Hove dramatically worsen as people have been forced to isolate. For those already extremely vulnerable, it has made even basic everyday tasks such as going food shopping almost impossible. We believe no one should be isolated which is why we act every day to bring people together and build connections that change lives. TogetherFest is going to be brilliant and is a chance to prove what can be done when a community comes together. A huge thank you to every band that takes part and please know every pound raised for us will make a huge difference.”

TogetherFest comes to an internet capable device near you on Sat 30 May 2020. For more details, visit: www.togetherco.org.uk/togetherfest-virtual-music-festival