Swimming with Refugees on Brighton Beach

Morpheus Theatre, producers of the upcoming Brighton Fringe show ‘Owltime’, are Swimming With Refugees on Sat 5 March. Running from 12-5pm on the beach by Waterloo Street and the Peace Statue, the event will feature an underwater camera to capture footage for their production in May. With International Women’s Week fast approaching, it will demonstrate solidarity with the plight of refugee mothers risking all to swim to safety.

Morpheus Theatre will also be recording media for actors and writers and new Vimeo posts, and inspiring expression. They’re encouraging all local performers to come and leaflet their show at the event. Therei’ll also be a tent enabling impromptu [performances on the beach.

When it becomes cold everyone will be retiring to the Lounge of the Iron Duke on Waterloo Street, with the warming promise of towels, dressing gowns and some magic, to listen to award-winning Alex Kremakova play piano. Afterwards there will be a quiz, plus a range of free food supplied by Pret A Manger.

Virginia Woolf called dusk ‘owl time’, which inspired the tile of Morpheus Theatre’s new play. This production comes to Sweet Dukebox, on Fri 6 – Sun 29 May as part of Brighton Fringe. Its narrative revolves around Matchgirl, a shell-shocked refugee at Calais’ Jungle who dreams of better times. The camp has stood for years, yet there remains no electricity or water. She imagines returning to her farm but she starts working in a sweatshop for dreams, as others flee floods and the dunes. Based on a Hans Christian Anderson story and real-life experiences, the show highlights a growing humanitarian disaster unfolding on our doorstep.

The Iron Duke pub might be named after the First World War battleship, but the event will show how Sussex and Woolf has turned men into Orlandoesque women and missiles into peace messages. In 1910, Virginia Woolf dressed as an Abyssinian Prince to inspect the ship, as part of a hoax preceding her take on war – ‘Pirates for Peace’.

CalaisJungle "Swimming Refugees; 'police attacked me'; I'm a refugee get me out of here"23 Feb 2016 18:20 from MorpheusTheatre on Vimeo.

‘Swimming With Refugees’ comes to Hove Beach on Sat 5 March 2016.

Morpheus Theatre bring ‘Owltime’ to Sweet Dukebox, on Fri 6 – Sun 29 May 2016, as part of Brighton Fringe

Swimming with Refugees Facebook page

Owltime Brighton Fringe page


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