Synesthesia Poster Exhibition Debutting

From 27th Jan – 1 Feb Synesthesia exhibition will be in Brighton. Synesthesia is an exhibition that grew out of Moshimo’s Brighton Japan Festival. Bringing together the best of Brighton and Japan, this poster project comes as a stand alone event after Moshimo’s Brighton Japan Festival went on hiatus last year. Synesthesia is the phenomenon in which stimulation of one sense leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sense.

The bold exhibition hopes to eventually involve creativity across all the senses, working with sound, sculpture, food and drink across different themes, but always with a combination of two subjects.

For the first exhibition, Synesthesia will be showcasing posters from local artists such as Pablo Alvarez, Dany Carlyle, Graham Carter, Sam Chivers, Matthew Douthwaite, Andy Ford, Jon Howe, Jim Howells, Leigh Pearce, Will Scobie, Rich Wilkinson and even one by Synesthesia themselves.

The posters at the show will be in A2 size and will be on sale for £125 (both at the exhibition and online) will all proceeds from the sale going toward The Fed, a local charity led my disabled people offering advice and support to live independently in Brighton and Hove.

Brighton Japan Festival will be returning this September and Synesthesia will be appearing there as well.

Synesthesia Exhibition will run from 27th Jan – 1st Feb at Gallery 40, Gloucester Road

For more information about Synesthesia, visit their official website: wearesynesthesia.co.uk/

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