Take advantage of the flavours of ice cream season at Boho Gelato

As May comes round each year, I understand again why I make the compromise of the six month long English winter: because living in Brighton over the summer months is a dream.

It also means I’m perpetually on the hunt for some ice cream; just as well we have plenty of vendors across town. 

I have loved Boho Gelato, who lead the way in artisan Italian ice cream, since they opened in Pool Valley a good eight or so years ago, but this month marked my first visit to the ‘not so new any more’ second store on Ship Street.

As someone who struggles with decisions when it comes to food or drink, places like Boho are a struggle as there are so many unique an exotic flavours – I just want to try everything. The Ship Street store has 12 daily flavours including some delicious vegan options to choose from – a struggle for me but less testing than the enormous offering at the Pool Valley branch, which boasts 24 daily flavours.

Luckily, it’s a quiet day and they’re very generous, letting me sample a good three or four of the flavours before I commit to one scoop of the good stuff. I finally decided on the adventurous Lavender Creme Brûlée, which was deliciously creamy, striped with sweet caramel with a distinctive floral note which balanced my perfectly-formed scoop.

My partner Natalie, who had joined me in the experience, opted for the equally unusual Carrot Cake, which was packed with the rich characteristic notes of spice that you would associate with a slice of the real stuff, the creamy gelato playng the part of cream cheese topping.

The experience was perfect for a blissfully sunny day, and the ideal treat post-cycling before we headed to the beach – it certainly won’t be our last.

Boho Gelato is at 31 Ship Street and 6 Pool Valley, Brighton. Tel: 01273 727205.

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