Tales Of A Timelord: Slick Radio Sci-Fi for the Extended Whoniverse

Created by R. R. Molyneux, Tales Of A Timelord is a brand new sci-fi audio drama that guides listeners along a fascinating journey with the Doctor, somewhere near his 20th regeneration, through the eyes of a new companion.

Produced by Brighton independent creative group TOATL Audio, the series jumps through all the hoops of radio sci-fi, boasting a vivid, detailed and well-realised world full of interesting and distinct characters. Tales Of A Timelord is light, entertaining and ever so easy to listen to, whilst remaining wholly compelling and exciting throughout.

The series has attracted positive attention from Roger Dubar of Huffington Post UK, and Simon Guerrier, Co-Author of ‘Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’, who described the series as “full of potential.”

Soundscaped, directed and produced by Invokal, Tales Of A Timelord stars Invokal himself, Hattie Snooks, Lucy Jones and Alex Lynch, accompanied with music by Merlin.

Tales Of A Timelord is now available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube.

Listen to the first episode of Tales Of A Timelord below:

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