Must-Visit Restaurants in London

Tantalising Taste: Must-Visit Restaurants in London

London is a bustling cosmopolitan, filled with many different cultures and heritage that influence everything from the fashion industry to the culinary experiences. And for any food lover, exploring the restaurants of this famous city offers endless opportunities. 

With so many delicious menus and meals to sample and explore, don’t be surprised if your inner foodie appears, daydreaming about pairing your favourite vape juice or perfect wine with each delicious meal.

Café Cecilia

When Max Rocha debuted with his solo venture in 2021, the success of Café Cecilia was impossible to deny. An excellent combination of your local neighbourhood bistro and a memorable tribute to the chef’s Dublin roots, the menu perfectly highlights Rocha’s ability to deliver simple yet impressive meals.

With Guinness bread, cake, and ice cream on offer, as well as a sage and anchovy fritti that will blow your mind, you will be planning your next visit before leaving the cafe. It will quickly become your go-to spot for all future gatherings with friends and family. 


LA-based chef Kris Yenbamroong has spent the past decade of his culinary career impressing his hometown with the bold and unique flavours of Thai cooking and a prime wine list to match. Following on from his success in the US, he has turned his focus to London, opening his first full-time European venture, Chet’s. 

Located at the back of the Hoxton Hotel in Shepard’s Bush, its mesmerising Thai menu is complete with candied pork jaw, fried chicken khao soi and the ultimate katsu-style chicken. As an added bonus, because it is situated in a hotel, it is open all day for breakfast and lunch too. 

Brunswick House

Brunswick House is in a proud but deceptively tatty Georgian mansion that stands out from the looming, ever-multiplying blocks of Vauxhall. It shares its space with the antique brand Lassco and, since 2010, has been in the care of chef Jackson Boxer, who creates wonderfully retro-influenced meals. 

For many, it is considered one of London’s most atmospheric dining rooms, with the bohemian elegance of its interior quickly winning over any patron who attends. The menu is brimmed with delicious offerings, including a famous potato bread to start every dining experience, as well as popular devilled eggs and tasty pasta creations to accompany a blockbuster wine list. 

Mount St. Restaurant

If you have ever dreamed of eating a tasty meal in an art gallery, Mount St. Restaurant is going to fulfil your wishes. A relatively new addition to Mayfair, this unique location, owned by Hauser & Wirth, features £50 million worth of masterpieces from famous artists throughout history, including Pablo Picasso

The food is a wonderful blend of British staples and a Victorian edge, with a showstopping lobster-head pie, London rarebit and a devilled-kidney omelette as firm fan favourites, alongside a collection of classic savouries.


For something a little different, head to Akoko for a West African tasting menu that will leave you speechless. The kitchen was taken over in 2022 by executive chef Ayo Adeyemi, who created the 10-course tasting experience to showcase old family recipes and flavours that span across Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. 

As there is no a la carte option, you will have to select the tasting menu, but with offerings that include lush lobster tale, jollof rice and spectacular scotch bonnet soup, you will leave with no regrets. 

St. John Marylebone

St. John Marylebone, the latest reincarnation of this iconic London restaurant, is perhaps the best variation to date. With a short and ever-changing blackboard menu, the intimidation that the long-standing Smithfield establishment once held is a thing of the past. 

Instead, visitors are treated to a cosy and intimate space filled with familiar treasures, including anchovy-based smaller meals, incredible stews and a variety of spectacular fish dishes. Once you have sufficiently sampled a wide range of fabulous British cooking, stop by the Golden Eagle pub across the road for a post-meal pint. 

Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis is a recently revamped classic dining room, hosting one of the most passionate chefs to lead the way. Jeremy Lee has made the menu his personal treasure trove, creating sensational seasonal offerings that leave you wanting more. 

With high-quality British food, a stylish bohemian aesthetic and the ideal window for people-watching, eating out in London has never been better. 

Cafe Deco

Cafe Deco is an incredibly cosy and chic restaurant located in Bloomsbury, home to serious cheffing pedigree. The very talented Anna Tobias, who perfected her skills at Rochelle Canteen, leads the kitchen. 

This National Trust cafe is th emost stylish location you will likely visit, with a menu that includes many elevated Euro classics made with only the best ingredients. Simple meals like hearty soups and rustic salads have been reinvented to their best level yet. The best part of this beautiful spot is the incredibly seasonal menu changes fairly frequently, meaning there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Tofu Vegan

For the vegans and vegetarians, Tofu Vegan boasts an impressive menu that is entirely plant-based, complete with mock meats, tofu and beancurd. This vegan establishment is not only doing its part for the well-being of animals and the environment; it is genuinely delicious Chinese cuisine that anyone will enjoy. 

The shredded tofu and water chestnut in the house special sauce is a must-have for any new visitor, the perfect combination of fiery heat and garlic goodness.

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