Tech-Noir raises awareness of young stroke sufferers

One of Brighton’s best-loved club nights, Tech-noir, is raising the dancefloor roof at Bar 76 Hove, on Sat 6 June. It’s all in aid of Different Strokes, a charity helping young stroke survivors. Danny Chase (pictured), well-known Brighton DJ and co-promoter of Tech-noir, was struck down by a sudden and serious stroke last summer. Most strokes affect people aged 65 and older, but one in four happens in younger people – like Danny, who’s still in his 30s.

Helped by Different Strokes, Danny also used DJ mixing as a form of therapy to speed up his recovery. Once he was discharged from hospital, Danny headed straight for his decks, determined to heal himself through house music. But while mixing beats for long hours, something unusual happened.

While a very small number of stroke victims are affected by a rare phenomenon called Foreign Accent Syndrome – where people recovering from a stroke or other brain trauma suddenly start speaking in a different accent – Danny found his musical preferences had changed. Instead of the banging tech-house style that had made him a name as a DJ during the past 20 years, Danny found he was suddenly inspired by deeper, more musical and emotional house grooves.

As a result of this revelation, Danny decided to rebrand himself as a DJ, and start a new chapter in his musical career as Brody.

His re-emergence culminates at the next Tech-noir night, held in association with Brighton Music Conference (BMC), where Brody will headline and all proceeds will be donated to the charity that helped him through his recovery. ‘It’s great to be able to give something back to Different Strokes,” says Brody. “Their support network was a big part of my recovery,’

A top line-up of Brighton’s finest DJs will appear alongside Brody, including Nick Hook, Pat Waller, Scotty SLD (Codesouth FM), Paul Hilditch, Rob Holme and Terry Waller.

Sponsored by Industry – ‘bringing fashion into music’, plus Create & Destroy and WEEKEND OFFENDER, the night offers Underground house and uplifting tech in the booming downstairs room and big room sound-system, with classic and old school house in the upstairs bar.

BRODY comes to Tech-Noir at Bar 76 Hove, on Sat 6 June 2015, as part of Brighton Music Conference.

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