Technological innovation and the impact on live sports and betting in 2019

Whilst the global technology market is segregated into a number of different sectors and niches, this space boasted a cumulative annual spend of over £2 trillion in the year ending 2018.

This is a truly incredible sum of money and the worldwide spend is only likely to increase as new technologies are developed, innovation accelerates, and people become more and more incentivized to embrace the sea change.

Of course, new technology has proven to influence some niches and markets more than others, with sport offering a relevant case in point.

In this post, we’ll address precisely how technology has impacted in the world of sport, whilst asking whether this has been beneficial for fans and those who partake in betting on sport.

The Impact on Gameplay – From Decision-making to Sporting Equipment

On a fundamental level, technology has recently evolved to the point where it impacts directly on gameplay.

This is certainly a topical issue in the sport of football, for example, which has seen ‘Video Assisted Referee’ (VAR) technology introduced. Whilst this has led to significant controversy, it has undoubtedly helping to inform the decisions made by on-field referees and proponents are quick to guarantee that it does provide a higher level of accuracy.

This technology is already commonplace in sports such as tennis, cricket and rugby, where major decisions can be reviewed either at the request of an on-field official or participating players.

On a similar note, technological advancement has also improved the sportswear and equipment used by professional and amateur players alike.

Take contemporary football boots, for example, which are designed with innovative and breathable materials that aid performance and each player’s touch.

Specialist compression wear has also taken hold in a number of sports, minimising excess moisture and improving athletic performance.

Online, Mobile & Matched Betting

Technology has also had a key impact on the way in which players interact with their favourite players and teams, from contemporary viewing methods to the rising prominence of virtual sports betting.

The latter point is particularly interesting, as recent innovations have led to the development of live, in-play markets that allow sports fans to use technology such as sophisticated mobile apps to bet as live action unfolds and new phenomenon’s like matched betting, which utilize tools to provide risk-free sports betting, are attracting growing interest.

In fact, prominent matched betting services like OddsMonkey have revolutionized how people go about having a flutter online, and there is a plethora of information you can find by reading a reliable OddsMonkey review about how matched betting tools and strategies can help sports punters consistently earn profits.

Touching more on live, in-play betting, this advancement enables players to place live bets on a host of different and creative markets, creating a generation of more engaged sports fans who love nothing more than betting on the action as it unfolds.

At the same time, technology has helped to connect sports fans to an incredibly diverse range of data sets, which in turn helps sports fans who like a punt to make more informed betting selections.

Modern platforms and software programs also allow online punters to intuitively track their account history, providing a fascinating insight into their activity and potentially informing future bankroll management.

The Last Word

In many ways, these significant changes represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact of technology in sports and sports betting. There’s no doubt that innovation has transformed many markets and for sport in particular, the introduction of new technology has given more power, and options, for fans, which can only be a good thing.

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