TV Highlights – May 2017

Fri 5 May


This sci-fi drama is back on for a second season, following eight people around the world who are telepathically connected to each other. They must try to survive being captured and killed by the people who see them as a threat to the world’s order. Having been left with a dramatic ending on the previous season with the cast sailing off into the distance, the group are expected to face bigger threats than ever before. We do not know much more than this, but it’s definitely going to be raunchier – a highlight for many season one fans. If you’re a fan of [X-Men] and all things sci-fi, give this one a watch.

Fri 5 May

JAMESTOWN - Series 1, Episode 1

Set in the early 17th century, this drama comes from the makers of [Downton Abbey]. It follows British settlers who move to America and establish a community in the New World. Amongst them are three spirited women, who enter a male-dominated town which has been without women for ten years. Having had their unknown husbands-to-be pay for their passage across the ocean, Jocelyn, Verity and Alice are ambitious to start a new and improved life in the wilderness of Virginia. Despite facing brutal challenges and the dubious indigenous people of Jamestown, these three pioneers won’t let anything stop them on their adventure for a budding new way of life.

I Love Dick
Fri 12 May
Amazon Prime


Cheeky name aside, I Love Dick is a new series we’re really looking forward to. It’s loosely based on a novel known – not least – as a feminist classic written in the late ‘90s. In this version we’ll be seeing the lovable Kevin Bacon as Dick, alongside a few other well-known faces. The narrative follows characters Chris and Sylvere as they arrive in Texas and the latter is offered a fellowship which will enable him to finish a book about the Holocaust. This is where they meet Dick. He not only taunts their imaginations, but affects their ideas about love, desire and monogamy.

Twin Peaks
Mon 22 May
Sky Atlantic

Screen Grab - Trailer

Despite the last episode being aired over 25 years ago, this ‘90s classic is expected to have 38 names returning from the original show. So, existing fans may have to ignore the obvious ageing of some of the cast. Despite the plot being kept firmly under wraps, it does seem the series will be a hit if it follows its legendary cult predecessor. It’ll certainly contain some of its original surreal comedy along with crime, drama and the return of original protagonist FBI agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan. Old fan or fan-to-be, keep your eyes peeled for this one.

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