Festival survival Guide - By Eva Rinaldi

Ten top tips to maximise festival fun

Get Ready To Rumble: Get a hold of set times and stages beforehand and plan accordingly to avoid missing your favourite artist or finding yourself in a clash. However, some of the best discoveries are the bands you stumble across, so be prepared for some last-minute changes to your ‘to-see’ list.

Packing light: Don’t bring something you’re not prepared to take home. Thousands of belongings get sent to landfill at the end of every festival, every year. Pack light and only the essentials. Instead of bringing a pillow, pack a pillowcase and stuff it with clothes once you’ve set up. This means you can bring more without compromising on comfort.

Bring a spare phone battery to avoid the pricey and time consuming re-charging stands by investing in a second phone battery or portable phone charger. Or even better, buy a good old cheap brick phone such as the classic Nokia 3310 and you won’t need to think about your battery all weekend. No losing friends now!

Check alcohol limits before leaving: It always breaks my heart when I see the abandoned crates of beer at the entrance on arrival. Don’t get caught out by having your alcohol confiscated at the first hurdle and double-check the rules before leaving. Or alternatively, if you want to be sneaky, smuggle bottles of booze in wellies and sleeping bags, but don’t blame us if you get caught!

Customize your tent to make it easier to find: You have the same generic pop up tent that your neighbour and hundreds of others have brought with them? Either move to a more identifiable place like next to a certain stall or landmark (but by all means avoid the toilets) or give your portable home a makeover with glow-in-the-dark paint and a custom flag.

Don’t skip your meals: On average you’ll spend up to eight hours dancing and walk around five miles each day at a festival, tech company Withings calculated according to the Metro. Whether you do dinner camper style and bring a portable cooker, or treat yourself to some chips from the on-site burger vans, don’t just rely on your supply of snacks to re-fuel.

Keep hydrated! Drink water, and lots of it. Your reusable bottle will be your new best friend, so make sure it comes along to everything you go to, it’ll keep you re-hydrated once all that dancing, skanking and moshing has worn you out. Metallic fold up bottles are especially handy to clip onto your belt, your dehydrated and hungover self will thank you in the morning.

Use the drug testing tents if you plan on doing more than drinking. The not-for-profit organisation, The Loop, have worked with lots of festivals like Bestival, Boardmasters and Boomtown, to provide on-site anonymous drug testing facilities. Last year, BBC News reported that The Loop found an increase in people being mis-sold MDMA with a different drug known to cause psychosis and insomnia instead. Better to be safe than sorry!

Keep valuables from getting wet by using a sandwich bag: If the weather forecast (and you) didn’t predict the random showers of rain, don’t let anything electrical or made of paper suffer. Pop your vulnerable belongings into a plastic bag and seal it. Whilst we’re on the subject of valuables, only bring things that you wouldn’t mind getting lost or stolen. So, maybe leave that brand-new phone at home.

Struggling to get out of a crowd? Just saying “I’m going to puke!” was a genius tip on a Reddit thread. “People will move,” the user said. They also advised to let females in a group go first when cutting through the crowd as apparently they’re more likely to get let through. Sorry dudes.

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