Shopping in the highstreet

The 3 main benefits of shopping on the high street vs online

Thanks to a rise in online shopping – as well as various lockdowns forcing us to go digital for all our retail needs – the high street has had its fair share of challenges over the last decade. According to statistics, in March 2020 “about 40 per cent of UK shoppers said they had been shopping more online” and by February 2021, this number had grown to approximately 75 per cent. But while the number of consumers shopping online has significantly amplified as a result of recent events, there are still many benefits of continuing to shop in person. 

Find out the three main benefits of shopping on the high street below: 

Keep businesses alive 

Over the pandemic, many local businesses were hit hard – and have struggled to recover ever since. By ditching online shopping and returning to the local high street, you can help these companies rebuild, while also pumping money straight into the local economy. Many businesses also rely on in-person transactions, so shopping in-store can help keep long-standing businesses alive. Lastly, supporting your local high street also helps create – and maintain – jobs in your local community, which makes it a better place to live and work. Win, win.

Try before you buy

Online shopping can be a faff, particularly when you’ve ordered something that turns out to be nothing like it was in the picture. By heading to your high street and shopping in-store, you can try before you buy and avoid the whole palaver of getting something delivered then having to send it back and waiting a long time for a refund. Shopping in person is also a great way to find some great bargains, like ex-display items or things from bargain bins that you just don’t get online!

A great way to be sociable 

There’s only so much fun scrolling on our phones to online shop can be. By actually leaving your house and browsing the high street, you can take some time away from your day-to-day, get some steps in, and do something a little different. Better yet, meeting family or friends to shop is an easy way to be sociable and catch up while you hunt for some bargains – especially if you go for a coffee and cake along the way! Studies have shown that socialising with friends and family can also help you stay sharp as you get older, so really, there’s no excuse to not leave the house and go shopping!

Whether it’s helping rebuild the local economy by keeping long-standing businesses alive, an easy hack to avoid extortionate postage fees and the hassle of constantly returning items, or wanting to improve your mental health by socialising, there truly are many benefits to switching online shopping for shopping in person on the high street. It’s just down to you now to find out…

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