The Answer at Concorde 2 review

The last time The Answer played at the Concorde2 was on the night of the St Jude storms in 2013 and apparently this was the worst storm in 20 years, but this was also a little bit spooky as Lynne Jackaman from the band Saint Jude was the guest vocalist on The Answers ‘Nowhere Freeway’ single… It was a wild night both inside and outside the Concorde2.
When The Answer returned to the Concorde 2, the weather this time was a little bit kinder to us all. This was the 18th date of a 20 date UK tour for the band in support of their latest album ‘Raise a Little Hell’, which was released month Support was from The Picturebooks and Bad Touch.

First on stage were The Picturebooks a German duo, Fynn Claus Grabke -vocals, guitar and Philipp Mirtschink -drums, who categorise themselves as alternative, rock, blues…I have not heard of them before and it was certainly alternative… with Philipp having a drum kit consisting of just three drums and a school bell…with not one cymbal in sight! They seemed to be having a great time on-stage and well into their music, with some seriously heavy thumping of the drums on all of their tracks… However I’m not too sure the audience were ready for this type of music, but they did show their appreciation at the end of each song.

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Next up were Bad Touch, again a band I had not heard of or seen before but they had been recommended to me to check out and I wasn’t to be disappointed. They are a five piece band from Norwich who formed five years ago whilst they were all still at school/college and play, they say, with ‘vibes of Led Zep and Black Crowes’. They gave a great rock performance with a good interaction with the audience. I’m sure this band is destined for great things in the near future.

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The Answer were on stage at 9:15pm. This four piece rock band from Northern Ireland sure know how put on a great gig with plenty of energy from their lead singer Cormac Neeson. They started the proceedings with ‘I Am What I Am’ from their new album ‘Raise a Little Hell’ and they followed this up with a setlist of 13 songs comprising of tracks from what is now five albums to their name.

The intensity of the performance was calmed down halfway through the set when they played ‘Last Day of Summer’ where guitarist Paul Mahon played this with a semi acoustic guitar and drummer James Heatley was coaxed by Cormac and the audience , to venture from the back of the stage hidden by his drum kit to the front of the stage to play a Cajon box drum for the song.

Cormac then later ventured into the audience for the title track from their new album ‘Raise a Little Hell’ where he got the audience to sit on the floor with him, before getting all to jump up to raise a little hell…

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Once again this was another strong performance from The Answer and they finished with an encore of ‘Nowhere Freeway’ and ‘Evil Man’.

The Answer latest album ‘Raise a Little Hell’ is out now.

Words By: Robert Sutton
Images by: Robert Sutton Photography

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