The Atom: A Love Affair

Brighton filmmaker seeks crowdfunding for nuclear power documentary, The Atom: A Love Affair.

To summarise society’s relationship with nuclear power over the past seventy years is – by all accounts – complicated. Its best shines a hopeful light on the possibility of using nuclear power as a clean, green solution to the growing problem of climate change. However its worst vehemently contradicts such optimism, showing nuclear power as a dangerous energy source capable of triggering the huge atmospheric disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Inspired by the complexities surrounding the hugely controversial energy source, Brighton director Vicki Lesley (Tenner Films) began work on an independent cinematic feature to document the history and politics of nuclear power. Little did she know back in 2006 that The Atom: A Love Affair would see her embarking on an all-encompassing journey, spanning a decade and both sides of the Atlantic. Following an epic ten year venture that has seen her film across the UK, France, Germany and all over America, the documentary nears completion, with Vicki now turning to crowdfunding to help raise the funds to finish the film and release it later this year.

The Atom: A Love Affair delves beneath seven turbulent decades of sensational news headlines to dissect society’s affair with the atom. Combining behind-the scenes political drama with the ups-and-downs of sentimental screen romance and melodrama, The Atom: A Love Affair tells the inside story of one of the twentieth century’s greatest technological obsessions, brought to life by those who were there (including Tony Benn and Ralph Nader).

In a tale that amalgamates the 1950s romantic fantasy of an atom-powered future with a stormy on-off relationship whose drama continues to play out to this day, the documentary asks whether it’s finally time we lay the idea of the once mighty atom to rest.

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