The Best Apps Guide

BN1’s guide to the best apps out there – from reminders to reprogramming your brain.


Be My Eyes is an incredible new app designed to help the blind or visually impaired. The app connects people with sight problems to one of millions of volunteers via a video call, who can then assist with difficulties like checking expiration dates or navigating new places. An ingenious app that’s functional for day-to-day use by people with disabilities.


A smart little app designed by scientists to help you improve all aspects of your life. Fabulous aims to install healthy habits using step-by-step programmes, behavioural economics and reprogramming your brain. It all sounds a bit intense for an app, fingers crossed you won’t end up like Jason Bourne.


If you love a good life-hack, check out Crumblyy. This new app sifts through mounds of info on the internet to bring you useful hacks for all aspects of your life. Want to appear more confident at parties? Suffer from heartburn? Itchy Eyes? No worries, Crumblyy has you covered. A very visual app that can be customised to your personal needs.


Are you the forgetful type? Fear not! Remindee allows you to set reminders for pretty much anything on any app. Simply click the “share” button and you’ll be able to set a reminder for whatever you’re looking at. Good for events, shopping or just that funny cat meme you saw.


This photo app lets even novice photographers create mind-blowing designs through its large selection of editing tools. Using sophisticated cutting and layering, users can create works of art on their device anytime, anywhere. Sorry android users, this one’s Apple only.


A handy app for handy-work! Moasure lets you use your phone to accurately measure lengths, heights and angles between points or objects. What sorcery is this you ask? It’s science apparently, the app uses the same tech as space rocket guidance systems, so you can be sure your new sofa will fit in the living room.


Blur the line between fantasy and reality with Habitica! You have your avatar and complete magical quests, fight monsters and kick back with other users. However, if you want to improve and advance in the game you must complete daily tasks in real life for which you are rewarded. A fun way to encourage good habits like exercise, work or eating less takeaway. Want to defeat that dragon? You need to brush your teeth first.


Technology in 2019 is amazing. This scanning app allows users to scan documents with their phone, meaning no more messing with bulky conventional scanners. Perfect for on-the-go work, Cam Scanner lets you crop, enhance and send documents from anywhere. It even lets you convert images into text files for later editing. Mind blown.


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