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The Best Burgers in Brighton & Hove

For all of you who have a hankering for a satisfying, dependable meal, we’ve come up with a list of the best burger joints in Brighton & Hove. For anyone looking for a succulent, juicy bite at the end of the night or an easy daytime lunch, this list is just what you need. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or swear by meat only, whatever it is, we’ve got something for you. Keep reading and we can assure you there won’t be any trouble picking your next takeaway or meal out. These places have everything you need. 

Patty & Bun – Ship Street   

Since their first opening in London in 2012, Patty & Bun has kept their standards high. Expanding into Brighton only made them push harder to crowd please. Their Brighton location is open for both dining in and delivery. The menu features all sorts of burgers including chilli, lamb, chicken, mushroom, and two totally plant-based options. Not to mention the classic beef patty they are known for. They even have monthly specials that are location-specific, so if you want to try something new, take a good gander at the menu before ordering. Juicy burgers, banging sides and indulgent ice cream sandwiches for dessert. This is one of the top spots for burger lovers in Brighton. If you’re eating in, stick around for a cocktail or two and absorb the atmosphere.

The Vurger Co. – Brighton Place 

Once again, The Vurger Co. has become a staple in the Brighton food scene, and not just for vegans. Plant and meat lovers alike both hit The Vurger Co. when in need of a satisfying bite or even just a snack. They’ve been in the vegan burger game for a long time, so they know exactly what they’re doing. The Vurger Co. takes great pride in their burgers, keeping their selection small but mighty, as well as being highly sustainable.  Their ‘Hunny ‘Chicken’’, ‘New York Melt’, and signature ‘Auburger’ are all popular choices amongst their loyal fanbase. Pair your burger with one of their many sides- whether you want fries, tater tots, or something cheesy (their Fauxzzarella Sticks are delicious). 

Social Board – St James Street

Social Board may be known for their sandwiches and café-style breakfasts, but don’t let this fool you. They also have a brilliant selection of burgers and fries that will keep you going for hours. Using 100% locally sourced beef and vegetables, as well as freshly baked buns, Social Board is the perfect place to grab a bite. With a couple of variations on the beloved beef burger, as well as a chicken burger, and a halloumi burger, you’ll be able to enjoy local produce turned into a mouth-watering meal. They more than happily cater for any dietary needs, so don’t shy away if you’re after something gluten, nut, or sugar free. Most of their recipes come from fine dining restaurants, but they take these and put them into their welcoming café atmosphere, so you’re certainly going to be getting bang for your buck. 

Honest Burgers – Duke Street 

Honest Burgers is another tried-and-true favourite of people everywhere including Brighton. On their regular menu is a host of burgers, including a good few beef, chicken, vegan and vegetarian options. Or, go for one of their smashed burgers, which are cooked quickly to lock in all of that flavourful moisture. All their burgers are served with a side, which doesn’t stop at chips, although their rosemary salted chips are always a good way to go. You can choose from wings, onion rings, coleslaw and salad too. All these options are a burger lover’s dream. And for Brighton only, they’ve cooked up a special something. Their ‘Only at Brighton’ special contains a generous drizzle of their very own Honest x Brighton Hot habanero hot sauce, which is the perfect combination of fruity, tangy and spicy. Head over to Honest for spectacular food every time. 

Lost Boys Land – York Place  

Initially working out of The Joker on Preston Road, Lost Boys Chicken has proven time and time again that they are the ones to see for a good chicken burger. After becoming a huge success at The Joker, they opened up their standalone shop, Lost Boys Land, giving their customers a whole new location to access their tasty dishes. Taking inspiration from Brighton’s colourful food culture, Lost Boys uses only fresh food made using local produce.

The Lost Boys, headed by Tomas Samandi, make all their small batch sauces in house. The mouthwatering sauces coat their chicken as well as fries. Their Hot Chicken Sandwiches are made using tender chicken thighs that have been brined and coated in buttermilk before being fried to order and put in a toasted potato bun. Amongst the sauce choices are mango, buffalo, Szechuan, blue cheese – you name it, they have it. All of these come in vegan versions too. 

7bone Burger Co. – Church Road 

7bone is a funky burger place in Hove which has a menu absolutely brimming with unexpected, but always moreish combinations. Just taking a look at their ‘provisionals’ or starters will get you hooked. Pregame your ‘Frankie Says Rilassare’ or ‘Donnie J Trump’ burgers with a serving of chicken fried olives or ‘coq skins’ which are their aptly named chicken skin crisps. Their ever-changing specials are always exciting, with a pineapple espresso burger being their recent feature. Dry aged beef makes for a tender bite in all of their beef burgers, but you can also give the free-range buttermilk fried chicken a go. Team up your burger with any of their fries, or spring for dirty fries. Or, if you’re feeling up for a feast, grab a few sides and go for the full monty. It’ll definitely be worth it. 

Burger Brothers – North Road

Having made their mark on Brighton’s vibrant food community, Burger Brothers has become a must-try spot for any burger lover in the area. Everything is made on the premises and cooked to order using locally sourced, top-quality produce. Priding themselves on the simple but well-loved beef burger, they are never short of impressing their customers. By keeping their menu items to a modest minimum, they focus on quality and service. This is why they are a current favourite of the Brighton crowds. A halloumi burger, chicken veggie burger and vegan option also decorate their menu, meaning there’s something for everyone. Pay them a visit at their quaint location on North Road and grab a bite to eat.  Maybe even try one of their smoothies or milkshakes to wash it down.

Bangerz ‘n’ Burgers – Duke Street 

Bangerz ‘n’ Burgerz has an expansive menu for diners to enjoy in their eclectic and edgy space. They have great selections of hot dogs, wings and dirty fries, but the burgers are the real star of the show. Their burgers come with all the fixings, some of which include crushed tortilla chips, BBQ slaw, and hashbrowns. Having a number of locations in Sussex and surrounding areas (including restaurants in Chichester and Southampton), it’s no secret that they’ve had success in the realm of burgers, and they truly know how to make a good one whether it’s beef or chicken.

Vegans and vegetarians do not fret, for there’s an entire menu with completely different, but just as delicious options for you guys. If you don’t fancy anything off the menu, look closely to find their ‘Build Your Own’ section, which can come with a beef or chicken burger, or even a hot dog if that’s what you’re in the mood for. 

The Bok Shop – East Street 

Another long standing favourite in Brighton, The Bok Shop comes in strong with their chicken-based burgers, leaving absolutely no room for disappointment. They’ve been open since 2017 and have been working on making their chicken the best, ever since then (even though we think there’s little room for improvement!) Bringing in flavours from across the globe, and combining them with fresh greens, chillis and pickles, The Bok Shop has something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. All their burgers and other mains are served with fries, so you’ll have more than enough to fill you up, no matter what you go for. Their ‘Classic’ remains a favourite of many, but go for a ‘Jennifer Buffalopez’ or a ‘Piggie Smalls’ for that extra kick. And what’s more, any of their sublime menu items can be made vegan by replacing the chicken with their impressive vegan chicken. 

Primal Burgers – Portland Road 

To end off our list, we have Primal Burgers, based in Hove. Their meat is locally sourced and 100% grass fed, and they make a special effort to ensure that there are no additives or preservatives in any of their tasty creations meaning they are all natural. They have on offer some brilliant burger options, along with the classic accompaniments: wings, onion rings, jalapeño poppers and fries loaded with all kinds of toppings.

But, even with all of this on the menu, the burgers remain the main event. Buttermilk chicken burgers with anything from tzatziki to bourbon infused bacon jam, and high-quality beef joined by grilled jalapeños and peanut and lime sauce; Primal Burgers is the place to be if you want a traditional burger with a fun twist. For the burger purists, they make their signature ‘Neanderthal’, which is stripped down to the essentials: American cheese, onions, pickles, American mustard and ketchup. Everything a good burger needs.

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