The best of Brighton Music for July 2015

Sat 4 July
The Old Market

Mash-up merchants Addictive TV, Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler, have toured the world with their dynamic, funny and wonderful AV shows. Now their Orchestra Of Samples is bringing together a digital super-group of international artists, who’ve never actually met, in a compelling live show.

The duo created this unique project using audio/video samples of recording sessions with over 200 artists around the world. Putting together snippets from assorted singers and musicians, they create the unexpected by matching sounds from completely different cultures.

The go team

Sat 4 July
The Haunt

Shedding the team, but retaining all of the ‘go!’ Brighton’s greatest lo-fi pop stars are back with a vengeance.

Their critically acclaimed LP ‘The Scene Between’ sees core member Ian Parton going back to The Go! Team’s roots. Writing, performing and producing the entire album himself, he placed heavy focus on melody, treating samples as instruments rather than simply the basis for the songs. Resultantly it’s one of his finest works to date.

William D Drake

Sun 5 July

Playing piano for cult prog/punk band Cardiacs, he helped them create a boisterous, multi-layered sound which attracted a large and devoted following. Since leaving the band in the 90s, the folk-flavoured melodies have taken over his output.
Adventurous and instrumentally diverse, there’s a twinkling charm to all of Drake’s output. On ‘Revere Reach’ – his fifth and most accomplished solo album – he’s conjured a rich and intoxicating landscape that begs for repeat listening.


Mon 6 July
Green Door Store

Keeping us awake at night, the melodramatic and atmospheric shoe-gaze revival is gathering pace. Centre stage are Kins, and their exhilarating brand of fuzzy hypnotic noise.

The Brighton-based quartet employ sure-footed rhythm and melodic hooks, drawing on some rather eclectic influences. With such talent and imagination, their loud and clever guitar-led indie-pop won’t be entertaining venues of this size for much longer. So what are you waiting for?

Three Degrees

Tues 7 July
Concorde 2

Superstars since the 60s, these three soul sisters bring a joyous slice of Philly wherever they venture. Massive vocals and even bigger personalities, much of their material is considered standard now – that’s how influential they are.

With a joyous blend of ballads and up-tempo beats, this is easy-listening disco at its finest. Each of the current line-up may have joined in different decades, but their ability to harmonise and shift dynamics during each song still marks them out as three formidable talents.


Wed 8 July
Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

The Philadelphia-based Restorations, visit our shores off the back of their third LP. The awesomely titled ‘LP3’ once again defies all the easy rock pigeonholes, offering some drastic guitar work amidst the compelling drone of psychedelic Americana.

Heavy on the harmonizing guitars, in love with repetition and the raw power of punk, Restorations are a band mixing a range of disparate rock ethics. Whilst occasionally nostalgic for bands long past, they paradoxically wield a sound which stares into the future. No worries, let us rock…


Tues 14 July
The Haunt

When I say: “Cannibal” – you say: “Ox!” Where modern hip-hop has dissolved into a few shouting guys prowling a stage, Cannibal Ox are belligerently reinventing what the genre stands for.

Behind the booming bass lie arrangements on a truly cinematic scale. Lyrically they’re off the chart, vibrant imagery and compelling storytelling painting a skewed version of the world and others beyond. If they’re not careful the world might catch on and realise their brilliance.

Pere ubu

Thu 16 July

Since their 1978 debut, ‘The Modern Dance’, this band has remained delightfully relatable. Whilst the only stable factor might be a policy to confound and bewilder, there is no limit to the genres they span.

From jazz, to new wave, then on to rock and blues, they remain challenging and utterly wonderful. At times it seems their career is an over-complex joke at the expense of the rock industry. When you’re this inventive, maybe you have to play by a different set of rules.


Sat 18 July
The Hope and Ruin

Shamelessly melodic and utterly urgent, Fireworks’ 2014 release ‘Oh, Common Life’ showed the world it’s possible to compose pop-tinged punk that isn’t crap. Although dripping with sing-along choruses, there’s an inescapable intelligent heart to their songs.

This is the sound of the suburbs, bringing with it all the hopes, fears and obsessions which plague our youth. If you worry about having kids, job security or the search for meaning, then relax, you’ve six friends who care.

Jimmy Cliff

Tues 21 July
Brighton Dome

The most gentle and polite political activist you can imagine. Since Cliff sound-tracked and starred in 1972’s Jamaican crime movie ‘The Harder They Come’ the world has become a more complicated place.

His legacy endures though, relatedly demonstrating music’s inherent ability to bring people together. Charismatic, revolutionary and unbowed, the war might have no end in sight, but Mr Cliff sure won’t give up the fight.

George Benson

Wed 22 – Thurs 23 July
Brighton Dome

It’s sexy time! Guitar virtuoso and silky-soul singer Benson finally gets himself out on tour again. The original performer of perhaps the greatest love song of all time – ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’ the 71-year-old remains the daddy of heartfelt seduction music.

From the handbag hits and hard-funking party bangers, to jazz and more ballad-based territory, there’s no disputing Benson’s contribution to music. Expect a night of misty-eyed nostalgic magic.

Sugarhill gang

Thurs 30 July
Concorde 2

It’s a real Sugar Hill Records outing for this show. Dubbed the ‘Legends of Hip Hop Tour’ it sees Sugarhill Gang joined by Melle Mel & Scorpio (from the legendary Furious Five) and West Street Mob.

More successful in Europe than their native US, ‘the Gang’ still managed to produce the first Billboard Top 40 rap hit. Here’s a band with so much sure-footedness they made the point of calling out Superman on that debut single “Rapper’s Delight”. Now that’s what I call swagger.

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