The Best of Brighton: The Innovative iGaming Company That’s Set Up Shop in Our City

Beneath the surface, Brighton may be a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis, but at first glance, it still maintains its quaint seaside charm. It’s this melding of modern and retro that explains its appeal to many, with the best of both worlds captured in this one place.

While its appearance is deceptive, however, do not be fooled: our fair city is actually a hive of world-leading iGaming activity. Though it may seem a rather innocuous spot for an innovative and increasingly successful concern to set up shop, it’s nonetheless home to a world-renowned rising star: 2XL Media Solutions.

An evolving industry

In 2020, it’s indisputable that the entertainment sector is thriving. We see this in evidence everywhere we look, from booming Netflix subscriptions (which rose by 15.8 million in the span of a year) to a thriving online gambling industry.

Indeed, the latter sector is now so successful that it has an estimated worth of $59 billion – a figure expected to almost double by 2023. Such a surge in interest has led to millions of new players, with entire directory sites dedicated to sharing the most attractive promotions, from the ability to choose no deposit free spins on card registrations to no deposit bonuses and more.

This rise in popularity is not difficult to understand, with people increasingly turning to their devices in search of entertainment. Almost every pastime that once had to be experienced in the flesh is now available at our fingertips, and we’re taking full advantage.

If there’s one area of iGaming, in particular, that’s thriving, it’s mobile offerings. Always prized for its unparalleled flexibility, online gaming’s original appeal was that it allowed players to experience these thrills without leaving their front doors.

With the advent of smartphones, this effect has only been exacerbated, so that such games can now be enjoyed from anywhere: in bed, on the train, or even on one’s lunchbreak.

2XL Media Solutions

One company that has been contributing to this industry – and doing very well from it – is 2XL Media Solutions. This is a business that has its finger in many different pies, from marketing and graphics to iGaming itself. Its primary focus has so far been on already popular browser offerings, which it has taken and transformed into portable mobile versions.

Understandably, this specialism has led to a surge in demand for 2XL’s work, with smart devices increasingly coming to rival their desktop counterparts, not only in terms of hardware, but also their usage, popularity, and – above all – convenience. By thus creating mobile-based offerings on a par with their more traditional cousins, the company has ensured that the orders keep flocking in.

So what does this mean for the city? In short, it’s always beneficial for successful companies to set up shop in a locale. That’s because they bring job opportunities and economic prosperity to an area, as well as instilling an arguable sense of pride in one’s hometown and its prodigies.

For Brighton, its brightest sons are something we’re incredibly proud of. Not only this, but they offer hope that one day soon we may even be on par with other iGaming hubs across the globe.

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