Music in Brighton: April 2018

BN1 lists what’s on in music in venues both big and small near you.

Cosmo Sheldrake, The Haunt, Weds 4 April

Cosmo SheldrakeThis multi-talented twenty-four-year old’s roles in music range from composer and producer to singer songwriter. He collects and plays a variety of instruments including the banjo, bass and clarinet. This quirky musician is anything but boring with each of his tracks providing something unique to the music scene. Cosmo grew up surrounded by music and a fascination with nature, not least thanks to his biologist father. This interest in the natural are reflected in his melodic upbeat songs such as Pelican We, The Moss and Mind of Rocks. Listening to Cosmo Sheldrake feels as though you are listening to theatre work, with the imaginative use of drums, flutes and varying vocals that paint a narrative in the mind.

Sunflower Bean, Concorde 2, Thurs 5 April

SunflowerBean-HollieFernandoNew York trio Sunflower Bean will release their second album in a few weeks, and today they share an incredible, pageant-themed music video for their latest single Twentytwo, a song with a powerful and enduring message about resilience and pushing back against expectations. The indie rock band provide a retro feel, with Julia’s dreamy vocals reminiscent of Blondie’s Debbie Harry. The trio met in high school and became recognised for their majestic, rock-edged beats. Their debut album was a compilation of songs written in their teens, yet their new album contrasts as it was made in the year between December 2016 and December 2017 and showcases how far the band has come since playing together in their high school days.

Public Service Broadcasting, Brighton Dome, Sat 7 April

Public Service BroadcastingThis pseudonymous musical group are embarking upon a new spring tour in the UK following their latest critically acclaimed album Every Valley. Each album from Public Service Broadcasting is a crafted artefact, filled with wit and passion. The band fill their music with many unusual instruments (a flugelhorn and a vibraslap to name a couple) as well as delivering intelligent and important messages, harking back to their name. Every Valley, chronicles the rise and devastating fall of the Welsh mining industry and reached #4 in the UK charts. Fans of the band have come to expect as much from the extraordinary production values of Public Service Broadcasting’s live shows as they aim to fashion a story for the dispossessed voices of our history.

Tiger Jaw, Bau Wow, Sat 7 April

Tigers JawLast year was a big year for Tigers Jaw, as the duo Brianna and Ben returned after a break. Despite losing three band members, the pair still managed to get back up and release a fantastic fifth album. The quirky duo, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, have an indie rock, punk pop feel that seems almost vacant from music today. Ben Walsh’s voice, in unison with Brianna’s, is a tender vessel that tells the story of each song, as the duo transport us to the places they’ve been and the emotions they felt. The most recent album Spin visits themes of personal battles and experiences. The duo come back from a band break up just as strong, if not stronger, than before.

Afriquoi, Patterns, Fri 13 April

Afriquoi_SouthBank_September 11, 2015_00224Afriquoi are an underground sensation, bringing an uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics. The ensemble combines Gambian kora, Congolese guitar and Mandinka percussion, giving an authentic sound of Africa. The electronic music draws on multiple genres from house, soca, hip-hop and jungle, a tropical musical cocktail. The live five-piece supergroup are based in London. As the age difference of the members ranges between three decades, it assists in the bands vast musical knowledge, culture and overall life experience. Having performed at festivals like Bestival, Secret Garden Party, Glastonbury and City of London Festival, the group make for an exciting and vibrant party and a smashing boogie…

Lower Than Atlantis, Concorde 2, Sun 15 April

Lower Than Atlantis - 1Having announced a huge twenty-two date tour, Lower Than Atlantis are coming to a stage near you this April through May. The tour is set to be big, with the band seeing some towns they’ve never been to before.

It has been nearly four years since they did a full regional UK tour, and they are set for it to be bigger than ever following the release of their most recent album, Safe In Sound, which reached the top 10 in the UK.

Joining them on their tour will be MILK TEETH, Boston Manor and The Faim. Over a decade on from their inception, Lower Than Atlantis are consistently receiving recognition and praise from fans and critics alike.

Nerina Pallot, The Old Market, Tue 17 April

Nerina Pallot (May 17)_Nerina Pallot Shoot-2 high resMeet Nerina Pallot, a smart artist who talks straight and writes beautifully. You might remember her 2005 tune Everybody’s Gone To War, after which she fell off the mainstream radar. Surprisingly, her new album is Stay Lucky is her sixth, and she’s releasing it at the age of 43. The Jersey-born musician has been doing this for 22 years. Is she bothered about any of those numbers? “I’ve only now just got a handle on my shit. I don’t know why we have this massive issue with age.” (Too right!)

She spent the early days of her career writing for the likes of Kylie Minogue and a handful of X Factor hopefuls. Yet, Nerina is past those days, she’s quit working as a means for an end and finally used her incredible talent for her music alone.

Cabbage, Patterns, Fri 20 April

Cabbage - Credit - Niall LeaThis neo post-punk quintet have brought a dose of vitality to the local scene with their wicked sense of humour and nostalgic rock vibes. If there’s something fans of punk love, its being wildly riled up, not just by music, but by its hard-hitting anarchic content. With songs such as Uber Capitalist Death Trade, Terrorist Synthesizer and Grim Up North Korea, the band edgily tackle these issues that we need to talk about. And more importantly feel angry about. The band landed on the scene in Manchester in 2015 and released their debut album Young, Dumb and Full Of… last year. With their abundance of gigs and festivals, these cheeky Cabbage boys are only just getting started.

Courtney Marie Andrews, Komedia, Mon 23 April

CourtneyMarieAndrews_2018This Arizona-based singer songwriter lets her South West roots ripple through her music, with elements of country, folk and indie pop, accompanied by a powerful yet gentle voice. This lady has been a creative sort ever since her early teens, starting out as a hobby, before blooming into a full-blown career. Her new full-length album, May Your Kindness Remain, is the by-product of many life struggles and experiences. Themes of people from her past, the poverty in America and the epidemic of depression many of us face appear on the album. She’s been compared to folk legends Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell and delivers just as much soulfulness and food for thought with every track.

Lucy Dacus, The Hope & Ruin, Thurs 26 April

Lucy DacusIts no wonder Lucy Dacus’ debut album brought her critical acclaim as one of rock’s most promising new voices. Lucy’s voice is the stuff of dreams, with even the first line of a song she utters simultaneously bringing a comfortable warmth with a goosebumped chill. Lucy made a comeback last month with her newest album Historian. This album is honest and out there as she sings songs of life, death and the big questions. Her songs may expose her vulnerability, yet we still see the badass she can be; in Night Shift she mentions kicking an old romantic obsession in the teeth… Historian has received amazing responses and Stereogum even labelled it album of the week.

What else is going on:

Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life, The Prince Albert, Fri 6 April

Folk Devils & The Carvats, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Sat 7 April

Interrobang? The Prince Albert, Weds 11 April

Trembling Bells, Brunswick, Thurs 12 April

Bad Manners, Lewes Con Club, Sun 15 April

Laish, The Greys, Mon 16 April

Little Comets, Concorde 2, Weds 18 April

Lost Horizons, Komedia, Weds 18 April

The Low Anthem, The Hope & Ruin, Fri 27 April

Mara Simpson w/ Soul of City Choir, Komedia, Mon 30 April

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