The best things to try in London when you are stuck for ideas

The best things to try in London when you are stuck for ideas

If you are visiting London, there is a high chance of having difficulty choosing what you will do. This is because there are so many alternatives that, in most cases, we consider only the ones we know and have visited many times before. This is also the case for the Londoners, who might be stuck for ideas about what they should try on their days off. But things shouldn’t be hard to pick in London, as the city has everything you can imagine and more. With over 3,000 parks, 170 museums, and 3,500 pubs, there is always something to do, see, or eat (even for a life-long Londoner).

The city is very large and rich in options, so maybe it is better to visit it many times to experience as much as possible of this wonderful town.

Here are some excellent activities you can try if you are stuck for ideas.

Go to Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street in Soho is a destination that will fill a whole day of activities in London. It is a beautiful and colourful street for pedestrians, where anyone can get a glimpse of the authentic life of a Londoner. Plus, the street is home to some of London’s best restaurants, pubs and boutiques, so you will surely find something you like here.

The place also has a long and interesting history. For example, it was the birthplace of William Blake, home to one of Shakespeare’s relatives and the area was also hit by a plague in the 1500s and 1600s. After some time, Carnaby Street became an icon of the swinging ’60s and was a favourite spot for many celebrities, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or The Kinks.

You can do many things here, as you can start your day with a meal at The Good Egg in Kingly Court, where you have a wide range of alternatives, from Iraqi aubergine pittas to babka French toast. Then you can shop to your heart’s content in many places and buy whatever you want, including makeup, clothing and even homeware fixes.

After such intensive shopping, if you are hungry again, you can head towards Bar Kroketa to try croquetas or a Spanish tortilla. Or, you can go to Darjeeling Express, an award-winning place owned by an Indian family, to try something new. As you have so many activities to attend here, you will probably spend an entire day walking around the street. So, it may be a good idea to leave your car at the Heathrow Airport parking to ensure your vehicle will be safe all this time.

It sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Visit the immersive exhibitions at Frameless

If art is your thing, then the immersive exhibition at Frameless is a must for you. The place is unique as it uses technology to get you closer to art and see one of the most popular art pieces differently. Frameless is a digital immersive art space consisting of four galleries on different themes that let the audience interact with the art instead of separating them through a frame. This happens as this impressive place uses projections and music to bring several famous paintings to life.

If you have time to experience each gallery’s exposition, you will be able to see over 40 artworks interpreted in new virtual ways, including masterpieces from Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt and Rembrandt.

This is an environment where art breaks free quite literally, which is why it has become a popular space for locals and tourists. Again, as you will likely spend the entire day here to visit and immerse yourself in all the exhibitions, you can leave your vehicle at Stansted parking to wait for you safe and sound while you have a mind-opening experience.

Consider Black Eats London

With a variety of delicious dishes in the heart of Hackney Market, Black Eats London has to be one of the places to try in London. Here, you will find pretty much everything, and if you are feeling hungry and want to taste something else, this is the place to be.

Black Eats London was launched in collaboration with Bohemia Place Market in 2021 and brings together 60 of the most interesting Black-owned businesses with street food, drinks, snacks, and more. Also, there you will find artisan traders selling skincare and clothing, so you surely will find something you like.

Pretend you are a contestant from the Great British Bake Off show

If you are a fan of the famous Great British Bake Off show, you need to know that Big Bakes offers the experience of pretending you are a contestant from your favourite show, with new themes and challenges you can enjoy each month. This means you can return repeatedly, as you will always have something new you can try.

This is a good activity to attend with your family or friends. Don’t worry if you don’t have baking skills, as no experience is required; you will just need to add creativity and fun, and you will surely have a great time.

When you arrive, you will be led to your workstation, where you will have the ingredients and instructions. Once you have baked your masterpiece, you will have the chance to be judged in the original Paul Hollywood style, as an expert will taste all the sweets and crown the ultimate winner.

After you finish baking, you can treat yourself to a cocktail or a drink, as there is also a bar/coffee on site. This is a great activity for experiencing something great in London, and it can also be a good idea for a date or a hang out with your pals.

Final words

There is always something you can do in London, and these are just a few of the amazing experiences you can find there. As it is a vibrant and fantastic city, London will surely not disappoint.

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