Update Your Home for the Summer

The Best Ways to Update Your Home for the Summer

Summer is on our doorstep after what feels like an age, and the weather is already here to greet us. As the temperature continues to rise and the days continue to get brighter, we’re soon to ring in a season of socialising in the sun – whether hosting garden parties or simply throwing the windows wide and enjoying a balmy evening with friends and family.

Summer is also an excellent excuse for getting back on top of your home. In the colder months, we have a tendency to hibernate; studies have found that our motivation, concentration and energy levels can be much lower in the winter, not to mention the inclement weather for any attempts at gardening…

With a more agreeable climate and a bit more of a spring in our step, why not take the opportunity to get your house summer-ready? Here are some winning ways you can spruce up your house in readiness for a summer of fun, without blowing the budget in the process.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The first suggestion for where you should direct your attention for summer renovations is the bathroom. Bathrooms are often the rooms that receive the least love, despite being spaces in which we spend a relatively significant period of time each day.

This time, it’s time to shake things up. You don’t need to start big; you can make small and simple changes, from your choice of shower curtain or bathmat to swapping out your sink faucets for a nicer set. If you’ve got your decorating hat on, you could add a splash of colour with bathroom paint to give your walls and ceiling a new lease of life. The bathroom paint has a secondary advantage, in covering up any burgeoning mildew and repelling the growth of any new mould.

Pressure-Wash Outside

Pressure-washing is one of those household tasks that is innately, profoundly satisfying to accomplish. It is also absolutely a summer job, making now the perfect time to get out your jet washer. Hosing down your patio and pathways with a pressure washer is like night and day and can help you scrub up your garden in time for entertaining friends and family.

If you’re feeling daring, you could even turn the pressure washer onto your home itself, and blast off any moss and grime that’s built up on the brickwork. Before you know it, your house and patio will be gleaming in comparison to your neighbours.

Transform Your Shed or Garage

Lastly, with the weather taking a turn for the better you’ll be able to spend longer periods of time addressing less comfortable spaces in your home – be the shed or garage. A simple decluttering session can go a long way to making your home feel brighter, as the more you make peace with throwing away, the more you can store from your home to free up space.

If you have the budget, you could even transform these spaces completely. A garage could become a recreational space, while a spare shed could become an outhouse or bar for serving your friends drinks.

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