The Batman

The Biggest Announcements from The DC FanDome Conference

With E3 cancelled this year, studios had to get creative with ways to announce their upcoming projects. Enter DC FanDome, a conference for the Detective Comics themselves to announce the very best from their universe of games, comic books, and movies.

These are just some of the most exciting things to be announced this year.

The Batman

For years now enthusiastic geeks across the world have been throwing names into the wind of the internet in the debate for who would make the best Batman. Enter may 2019, which finally bought the news confirming the man who would be playing the world’s greatest detective. The announcement turned the constant online squabbling into complete unanimous laughter. The new Batman would be played by… Robert Paterson. R. Pats? The sparkly vampire from twilight?

The internet collectively was not pleased with this decision, but with the release of the first trailer for The Batman, people have slowly started coming round to the idea of the ‘Patman’. The trailer promises a darker, more violent tone than ever seen before in a Batman flick, and even a new streamlined Batsuit. The Batman is shaping up to be a complete reinvention of the character, and it will be exciting to see what director Matt Reeves has in store for us when it finally drops next year. For now, checking out this trailer is an absolute must.

Suicide Squad : Kill The Justice League

 The suicide squad come up twice on our list this year. A fan favourite property that has yet to be done well outside of the comic book, looks to be finally taken seriously. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is the latest game from Rocksteady (The group that made the Batman Arkham series).

Now that the Batman Arkham series is completed it means that Rocksteady is free to create games using the other properties from the DC universe. In this game you will be playing as the Suicide Squad, a group of criminals forced to save the world in order to cut their prison time down. The trailer promises that the final game with be colourful, bloody and cheeky, just like the comic books the game is based on, and might just see you killing the Justice League.

Black Adam

 Black Adam is a bit of a fan favourite in the comic book community, but outside of that, its pretty safe to say no one else has heard of him; alas, a fan favourite he still is. Black Adam is a towering powerful antihero, jaded by betrayal. And who is better to play him than Dwayne the Rock Johnson? No one, that is exactly why he is being played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson to the joy of all comic book fans everywhere.
In this sneak peak, Dwayne talks us through the plot of the movie and we finally get to see the design of him as Black Adam. All eyes should be kept on this space, as it is going to be interesting to see what The Rock is cooking up for this film.

Gotham Knights

 Made by Warner Bro’s Montreal (Arkham Origins developer), Gotham Knights sees you enter the shoes of a group of a now-dead Batman’s closest allies. Gotham Knights boasts a new colourful art style to the previous Batman game made by the developer, and a multiplayer mode that will have you flying through Gotham in Co-Op mode with some of your best friends.

Whilst still in pre-alpha stage, Gotham Knights is set to fly onto Shelves in time for the new console generation. Prepare to strap yourself in to fight Batman’s impressive rouge gallery sometime in late 2021.

The Suicide Squad

 Is it a sequel? Is it a reboot? Is it a plane?. Well apparently The Suicide Squad is a soft reboot (never heard of that either) of that terrible 2015 movie that everyone has spent the best part of half a decade trying to forget.

But have faith, this time around things are looking good. A brand new star-studded cast, James Gunn (Gradians of the Galaxy director) overlooking the whole film, and seemingly a heap-load more love, with James Gunn boasting ‘it’s going to be the most different superhero movie ever made.’ And being ‘by far the biggest movie [hes] ever made’.

Be sure to look out for this explosive blockbuster when it hits cinemas in 2021, but until then check out the explosive behind the scenes trailer.

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