The BN1 girls get active at Bird Studios

Entering a space dedicated to singing, dancing, acting and fitness would usually be an intimidating experience, and enough to make your inner wallflower quake with fear. However, Bird Studios on New England Street is the kind of place that turns whatever apprehension you may have into anticipation.

It must be said first what an impressive space Bird Studios is. With three large dance and acting studios with full length mirrors, ballet bars, sprung floors and a powerful sound system, it’s easy to feel like a pro, regardless of your performance experience. What’s more, there is a recording studio/band rehearsal room for all those budding artists out there. With their Youth Theatre Group, and classes for adults and children that range from Flamenco to Kickboxing to Pregnancy Yoga, Bird Studios really does have, and do, it all!

Against this backdrop, a few of us from BN1 headed down to Bird Studios to give it a go ourselves. We did Jazz Fit, a dance-based fitness class, with the lovely Charlotte Summers who holds her class every Tuesday at 6pm. She had the difficult task of convincing three people, who had led a sedentary day in the office, that exercise is fun. Charlotte described how doing press ups and sit ups can sometimes scare people off, so she tried to take the chore out of exercising and make it fun whilst still getting in key ab and butt exercises. She completely succeeded in doing this as we not only found ourselves sweating, but laughing too!

Although it could be said that it was our renditions of Charlotte’s moves that were laughable, it was more likely to be the enthusiasm and feel good atmosphere in Bird Studios that really put the smiles on our faces.

Bird Studios, Vantage Point, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GW

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