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The Bok Shop review

No strangers to the gourmet fried chicken entrepreneurs, BN1 was invited back to The Bok Shop on the edge of The Lanes, to chill out, kick-back and sample their new and funked up chicken menu.

Arriving fresh out of the Pipeline, conveniently located just around the corner, we were definitely down-to-chicken.

The Bok Shop has an awesome laidback style, a nice mash up of industrial kitchen, natural wood and some greenery to keep it looking fresh.

We were greeted by Howard and Jamie, the masterminds behind Bock Shop, who got us sat down and told us a bit about the new menu.

We ordered a couple of beers – there’s a nice range of drinks and we went for craft brews Highwire Grapefruit and Salty Kiss by the Magic Rock brewery. Although they have a bit of a punchy taste to start, the beers grow on you and work well with food, I’d take a Salty Kiss with some fried chicken again for sure.

As we chatted away with some old-school hip-hop jamming away in the background, our first bit of food came out – the Katsu Fries. Be warned, these fries are dangerously moreish, thin fries, not overcooked, with a thick, rich Katsu sauce. They’ve got a little kick and a little crunch, courtesy of jalapeños and deep-fried onions. There’s a fair amount too, on the borderline between single and sharing size.

The Bok Shop

As a tasting evening, we were lucky enough to sample just about everything on the new menu.

Following the fries came a platter with bite-sized versions of the main chicken burgers, chicken wings, boneless chicken strips and some Frickles (fried pickles).

The sandwiches all shared the same quality of delicious, crispy fried chicken, although each one was defined by its inspired collection of toppings.

We started with a Satay Night Fever with a smooth and sweet satay sauce and a nice bite of chillijam and cucumber.

We then juxtaposed that with the Hot As Cluck, turning up the heat with the fiery Bokadoosh sauce, before cooling off with The Classic, a beautifully simple chicken burger with lemon mayo and pickles that highlighted the great quality of the fried chicken Bok Shop cooks up.

We finished our burger-thon with our two favourites, the Jennifer Buffalopez and Piggie Smalls, which deliver some seriously intense flavours of blue cheese and BBQ ham-hock.

The accompanying sides were becoming a struggle by this point in the menu tasting, but in the interest of being thorough, we got around to them.

Chicken wings in Brighton are a highly contested commodity and Bok Shop makes a fine entry into the competition.

The Bok Shop

We had the spicy Bokadoosh wings; the coating had a good crunch to it, not at all soggy, resulting in a very firm and eatable wing. The sauce wasn’t too tangy or vinegary, as can sometimes be a problem with hot wings. The boneless O.G Bok strips were tender, sweet and salty with a nice pull-ability factor to them.

Having worked our way through the majority of the menu, we found ourselves deceptively full but overtly satisfied.

With a little time left over to chat with Howard and Jamie, they explained a bit about the current events they hold like a competitive Wings Wednesday challenge, complete with leader-board and their Hip-Hop Bottomless Brunch on Saturdays, as is the fashion these days.

Keep an eye open if you head over to Eastbourne in coming months, as The Bok Shop guys are expanding into The Beacon Shopping Centre shortly.

The Bok Shop is the definition of chilled-out dining and with a wicked new menu to try, we suggest you check it out ASAP.

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