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The Brighton Girl – Uni Days

I never did go to University; I regretted it slightly at age 19 or so, when the city swarmed with fellow teenagers from cities and towns sprinkled across the UK, heading to my much loved London-by-the-Sea. They were ambitious, they wanted to get drunk, and a juicy student loan had just hit their bank accounts.

I cured the green eyed monster buried deep down inside me by gate crashing every student night I set my eyes on; £1 vodkas on a Monday? I was there. Free entry on a Wednesday for all but a flash of your student card? Sorry, I must’ve forgotten it – I’m studying Anthropology at Sussex Uni though, I swear! Fancy Dress Friday? Hand me a bow and arrow or a tutu and I was first in the queue. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I wanted the camaraderie of University, the intellectual jostling of a debate, and most of all, I wanted 20% off at Topshop. Instead, I was working full time in a bank and dreamily gazing across the street until closing time, thinking of a time when I could run wild on a Thursday night; albeit with a hangover that no one wanted anyone near their personal finances or mortgage application the next day.

I suppose, in the most roundabout way ever, what I’m trying to say is; enjoy your Uni days. Enjoy your £1 vodkas (although, inflation exists, and I’m sure nowadays you’d need to head to a bar on the strip in Malia for something approximating that cost), the desperation of club promoters to drag your sacred species into their establishment; enjoy dressing up as Lara Croft for the 7th week in a row, and most of all…enjoy your 20% Topshop discount. You’ll miss that when it’s gone. And if you’re very lucky, you’ll be like me, and a decade later you’ll still be using an old friends little sisters treasured 16 digit code whenever you’re on the hunt for a new blazer.

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