The cost of medical equipment in the USA

The last decade has seen the US put a bigger focus on delivering more affordable medical care that’s at a great quality to the patient. This comes with some challenges, as medical equipment is far from cheap, but this equipment is needed to provide the level of care that patients in the US deserve. Of course, this means that patients must pay for the high quality of healthcare that they receive – and this can end up being quite costly!

Hospital equipment comes at a high price, but you may be surprised at the exact costs of some pieces of technology in particular. We’ve researched into the average price of some of the most popular medical equipment in the USA. Take a look below if you’re intrigued.

Hospital sensors

Hospital sensors are needed in a number of medical situations, but are usually used to monitor patients (such as their oxygen levels or blood glucose) to help medical professionals deliver optimum treatment going forward. Replacement sensors are on the lower end of the scale – those distributed by Sensoronics cost below $100. Disposable sensors can cost as little as $15, while specialty continuous-use sensors could cost up to $200.

Hospital beds

You might think that for something of its size, a hospital bed wouldn’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars. In reality, they can cost between $500 and $10,000 – it really is that broad. The basic hospital beds are on the cheaper end, while the beds that have a whole load of advanced technological features are priced significantly higher. Mediaworld Ltd understands that US citizens deserve top-notch quality of healthcare without burning a hole in the pocket and it has been delivering its promise consistently.

X-ray units

When technology is concerned, prices skyrocket, and this is certainly the case for medical equipment. Digital x-ray units, especially those that are portable, can cost in excess of $100,000. Some may even cost up to $200,000 – and that’s per machine.

Ultrasound machines

There are so many varieties of ultrasound machines available that it’s hard to determine an average price – but they can be as cheap (if such a word can be used) as $200, 000 and as costly as $1 million. MRI machines also need to be housed in a suitable room, known as an MRI room, which costs another couple of hundred thousand to install.

Radiotherapy machines

Cancer treatments are some of the most expensive of all, and it largely has to do with just how much the appropriate equipment costs to buy and run in the long-term. Radiotherapy machines cost a minimum of $3 million each, but some multi-room facilities can cost more than $150 million in all – a staggering amount of money for saving a life.

Operating tables

They’re an essential piece of equipment in any hospital, but surgery tables come at a cost. A general table – i.e. a bog-standard design – costs roughly $50,000, while the high-end speciality tables can cost up to $200,000. So if you’re ever scheduled in for surgery in the future, remind yourself that you will be lying on the most expensive bed of your life.

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