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The Fashion Rules Men Can Ignore, and the Ones That Still Matter in 2020

Although fashion is thought of as an expressive form, many men are left feeling confused on what rules to follow and which ones to steer clear of. We all want to look and feel our best in day to day life, so knowing what’s appropriate to wear and what’s best left in the wardrobe is important.

If you’re a lover of fashion and want to keep up with the times, the last thing you want is to make dangerous mistakes with your style. To help, here are some of the fashion rules men can ignore, and the ones that still matter in 2020.

Ignore – Don’t Wear Shorts at the Office

With the British summer in full swing and temperatures expected to fluctuate through to October, it’s not unusual to see men of all ages walking around in a pair of shorts. Whether you live in a small village, town, or bustling city, you may even see some men with their tops off. While it’s recommended to cover your top half throughout the working day, the idea that men shouldn’t wear shorts in the office is a little outdated.

If teamed with a stylish shirt and a quirky pair of shoes, you can feel confident and look the part wearing shorts and exposing your legs in the office. Global warming is a real issue and with the planet heating up, men need to wear attire that helps them feel cool and content during work. If your office is laid back in terms of attire, don’t be afraid to rock up in a pair of shorts.

Ignore – Never Mix Silver and Gold Jewellery

Regarding jewellery, the options for men can be severely limited when compared to women. If you have an individual style that you want to maintain, you may have been told not to mix silver and gold jewellery. Sure, it may not match as well, but that’s not to say it looks ridiculous and outdated.

If you want some inspiration, there are huge A listers like Harry Styles who rock all sorts of jewellery colours. You should never feel embarrassed to express your style, and if you want to make an impact with your look, it’s best to invest in jewellery made from quality metals.

Ignore – White Socks Are Strictly for Sport

Over the last few years, the white sock has had a transformation. Once considered only for sports, white socks are becoming increasingly popular for under footwear. It’s time to forget about only wearing white socks that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Digging out your shorts and pairing them with some funky white socks can be a fantastic way to make an impact.

There are no rules when it comes to wearing white socks, so as long as you feel confident and happy in them, why does anyone else’s opinion matter?

Ignore – Avoid Brown Shoes

For many years, men all over the country have avoided teaming a blue suit with brown shoes. In recent times, a report discovered that some candidates who went for a job interview wearing such clothing failed their application. We believe that it’s time to get rid of this outdated belief.

The thought that brown shoes should never be worn with blue suits is nonsense and shouldn’t be listened to. Matching a pair of chocolate hued Oxfords with a midnight-blue suit can exude confidence, elegance and put a spring in your step. This combination can work just as well as blacks and greys, so don’t feel afraid to push your limits and wear something a little different.

Follow – Invest Wisely in a Watch

Accessorising is still an important trend that men should follow in 2020. Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, accessories like a luxury watch can be the perfect finishing touch. Watches are like a piece of art that can say a lot about your character and style, so if you have the cash to splash and want to enhance your overall look, purchasing a luxury watch is a no brainer.

There are deals on TAG Heuer that you can check out at CHRONEXT. The company are experts in luxury watches, and with over 7,000 models to choose from, you are sure to be spoilt for choice. CHRONEXT have thousands of positive reviews and offer a reasonable returns policy, meaning should the luxury watch you purchase not fit your criteria, you can send it back and be reimbursed without too much hassle.

Follow – Spend Money on Shoes

If you’re the type of person who is always on the go, it’s important that you’re kind to your feet. When getting from A to B, your feet go through a lot, so it’s recommended to spend money on suitable and comfortable footwear that stands the test of time. Whether it’s a pair of trainers, loafers, or brogues, shelling out on designer footwear can see your shoes last you up to 15 years or longer. What’s even better, quality loafers can be worn without socks and your feet won’t get sweaty.

For those who can part with large sums of money, designer shoes need to be taken well care of. Using a spray protector to create a barrier on luxury leather shoes will go a long way towards mitigating moisture damage. If your designer shoes get wet, simply wipe them with a dry rag and let them air dry.

Follow – Don’t Skimp on Glasses

If you need to wear glasses, it’s vital that you invest time in finding the right pair of spectacles. Many men spend roughly seven minutes looking for a pair of glasses that will define their look and style over the following three or more years. A poor fit and choice are why so many men start to hate their spectacles. While you may be an expert in what attire looks good, if you haven’t got a suitable pair of glasses to match your look, your overall appearance may be suffering as a result.

When you’re next on the hunt for eyewear, make sure that you know your face shape which can help you find glasses that complement your look, rather than hinder it. It’s advised to avoid purchasing cheap frames and instead invest in a good quality pair of glasses that are durable and long lasting.

Follow – Wear a Suit Well

The key component of a suit looking good is its fit. Whether you’re buying a suit for work purposes or for formal events, it’s important that you focus on the fit above anything else. Doing so will mean you can get the waist and chest altered easily should there be a problem.

There are lots of factors to take into account before picking a suit, such as the material, fabric, and overall fit. While it’s true that the body of a blazer should fit closely to your body, it should never get to the extent that it pulls on you. Your top button should close without difficulty and the sides should feel snug and never tight.

With so many fashion rules circulating on the internet, it can be hard to know whose advice to follow and whose to stay well away from. If you feel confident in a particular outfit, you shouldn’t let anyone tell you any different, but if you want to be fashion forward and innovative with your style, all the advice above can help you turn heads for all the right reasons and show that you care about your appearance.

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