The Future of Concert Sales: Looking Into the Digital Age

The rise of digital media has transformed the ways in which we enjoy the latest musical concerts. Not only are we now provided with a one-touch means to keep up to date with our favourite artists, but it is possible to purchase tickets with the click of a button. Although this is great news for the average consumer, we have to take a look into what such a revolution might signify for those who work behind the scenes in terms of concert sales and marketing campaigns. Let us examine some of the most important benefits as well as a handful of potential challenges that the entire industry could be facing in the not-so-distant future.

A Streamlined Means to Connect with the General Public

Businesses and representatives that wish to sell concert tickets in the past had a limited number of avenues. While physical promotions often came in handy, the concept of advertising to a much larger audience required other mediums such as television commercials or radio announcements. The main issue here was that it would be nearly impossible to target a specific audience. Furthermore, such strategies required a rather profound financial commitment. The Internet changed such concerns are far back as the latter half of the 1990s.

Companies began to appreciate the power of digital promotions and it was not long before customers were presented with a host of offers and deals; simply due to the fact that online competition was steadily increasing. This was excellent news for those who had been searching for a means to compare and contrast the ticket prices associated with numerous vendors. As a result, even those who were on a limited budget were able to take full advantage of the plethora of new opportunities.

While all of the situations mentioned above are certainly beneficial in terms of aggregate sales, we also have to recognise that online ticket vendors will also face certain challenges.

Pitfalls to Overcome

The notion of competition was mentioned briefly within the last section. The ability of low-cost vendors who promote concert tickets in bulk to undercut smaller firms represents one of the most frustrating scenarios; particularly when they market to a massive virtual office. The other possible conundrum involves the simple fact that physical venues which would otherwise promote their own concerts might not enjoy a substantial revenue stream. After all, it is much more convenient for fans to obtain tickets online as opposed to travelling to the location in question.

Still, we live within a changing world. The rise of trusted e-commerce applications such asShopify has opened up a world of opportunities in regards to online promotions. There is no doubt that this momentum will continue to gain pace far into the foreseeable future. This is also why virtual vendors need to keep abreast of the latest changes so that they can take full advantage of what is in store. Either way, musicians and performers will still be able to cater to the needs of their audience.

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