What is the Future of the Travel Industry post COVID-19?

Everyone in the world has faced a setback in recent times due to the lockdown and other COVID-19 measures. While some industries are struggling to stay afloat, some have hit the ice-berg. The biggest downfall we have witnessed is in the travel and tourism industries. The reasons are obvious. 

From Airbnb to Uber, everyone is trying to shed some pressure and find methods to come back with safer solutions. Local hotels and cab services are also equally, if not more gravely, affected. Even Airline industries have been struggling, resorting to pricing their tickets at extremely low rates. 

The dire situation of the industry leads us to ask a few questions. Will they stay the same after the lockdown ends and generate similar revenue like they were before the lockdown?

Should the Government assist in bailing out these businesses during these woeful times or should the private business be responsible for themselves?

While local travels may be eased slowly, international travels are likely to be restricted for a longer time. 

International passengers to the United Kingdom are now required to provide contact and accommodation information. They are also required to self-isolate in their accommodation for 14 days. 

According to the Transport Secretary, British travellers can be let into few countries with low infection rate through “air bridges” that negate the need for quarantine. 

Local travels may be eased in the near future but there are restrictions still in place as of now. According to the UK Government Website, people should avoid travelling unless it is essential. Essential travel does not include a holiday, second homes or anything related to leisure. 

The future of the travel industry is uncertain at this stage. Even if the restrictions are lifted, the way people travel will most likely be different in many aspects. The prices of air-fares, hotels and Airbnbs will either go high to accommodate the losses or it will be cheaper to attract people to travel after the lockdown. 

Only one thing is certain, at this moment, to go back to how things were before, or at least close to it, we must stay at home for now and be patient while the more qualified people are fighting this battle for us.

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