The Future of Video Games Lies in Streaming

Over the years, video games have succeeded in bringing together millions of players eager to share their passion and experience. The public turned to stream or live and discovered many channels. This is particularly the case with Twitch, which has enjoyed growing success since 2011 and which is today the world’s leading platform for streaming video games, with tens of millions of unique visitors per month.

The Growing Success of Online Casinos

Streaming has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Services like Netflix or Disney + have won the hearts of millions of new users. Netflix has become the number one streaming platform globally, with growth in revenues from 1.2 billion to 15.7 billion dollars in ten years. Disney + has also enjoyed strong popularity since its launch in late 2019, as the platform now exceeds 90 million subscribers. Another sector, iGaming, has also strongly developed its streaming offer. In addition to the traditional casino games offered, there is a whole range of games available in the live version. Specialized platforms have multiplied, and they concentrate a large community of enthusiasts who connect to them every day. This growing success is mainly due to the tremendous freedom of online gaming and its practicality and a significant move upmarket in the games and features offered. This is the case with PartyCasino, one of the most famous online poker sites with more than 150 slot machines today. You can read more at

Passion for Streaming

Therefore, many passionate players are very active on the web to help other players search for solutions to complete their mission to the end. For example, they post blogs, chat in forums, and mostly post dozens of videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms. For a player, streaming has become an effective way to share his games and his favourites with an audience with the same passion as him. Many streamers are making money from this passion, and many people want to get into the game for a good profit.

Start Streaming

The main goal of a streamer is to share their passion for one or more games. To be effective, and before you start, you will need to master streaming software and the appropriate configurations so that Internet users appreciate your work. There are several platforms on which you can broadcast your streams. Creating a channel on this platform will allow you to learn the basics of streaming. Plus, you’ll have to get used to talking and playing simultaneously because remember that game streaming is animation too! Indeed, talking to yourself in front of a webcam is not always easy for many people, and it is an exercise that takes practice. Being a streamer also means keeping up with the most popular news and gameshow.

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