The Gaming Year of 2023

A new year always brings out new speculations on which gaming trends will blossom and which will die out. What does the year of gaming look like? some of the trends that will define 2023.

2022 was quite a year for the video game industry. Just like in previous years, it grew and advanced even further. We welcomed several long-awaited games such as Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West. But there were also quite a few 12 months of delays that gave us something extra to look forward to in 2023. There’s no doubt that this will be a year with many new games and evolving trends. But what are some of the trends that we will probably see take up the most space in the coming year?

AIs as game designers

The development and use of AI have been increasing for quite a few years now. But in the later years, it has become clear just how much AI is going to change. It’s already being widely used as a game production tool in all kinds of ways. It’s optimizing user experience in games but also on gaming platforms. Whether you’re playing on Steam or online casino sites, there will be an AI to assist you with personalized game suggestions. These obviously vary in quality, so the best ones are at the larger online casino sites. You can take a look at them on the UK’s largest casino index. It’s an easy way to find exactly the games that will suit you best. Likely, we will also see an increased use of AI in the game design itself. It can help with design suggestions for both content and features. It will be interesting to follow this AI adventure unfold.

Nostalgia will continue to rule

It’s been hard to miss the wave of nostalgia that has flooded the video game industry in recent years. And not just the video game industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole. It’s the so-called Stranger Things effect that has brought us back to the 80s and 90s. We’ve seen plenty of great nostalgic games such as Friday the 13th and Ghostbusters. There is no doubt that 2023 will also be full of nostalgic revivals of the past.

The Chain?

There are many different trends that we could highlight here – because there’s so much going on. So, of course, there’s also a joker. The blockchain games that have emerged and bloomed in recent years have been struggling just like the rest of the crypto world. In these times of uncertainty, it seems like many people are turning away from very risky financial activities like crypto gaming. But blockchain gaming in itself is hard to rule out. If you’re thinking about crypto or NFTs, but if we just consider the fact that this technology lets us swap assets in games and create completely new in-game projects. There’s most likely a bright future for blockchain gaming, we just don’t know in which form yet – but maybe 2023 will shine a light on that.

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