Creation and design by Pink Dot Design Photo by Paul Madeley
March: Kate Butch - Creation and design by Pink Dot Design Photo by Paul Madeley

The Gift of Time 2024 Charity Calendar

Pink Dot Design is proud to announce the release of our highly-anticipated 2024 Charity Drag Calendar. This beautifully crafted calendar is not only a celebration of art and design but also a symbol of solidarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Each month showcases a unique and inspiring piece of artwork that highlights themes of love, unity, and hope.

100% of proceeds from the calendar will be donated to two prominent charitable organisations: Terrence Higgins Trust and The Sussex Beacon.

This A3 calendar isn’t just about marking the days; it’s about making each day count. The “Gift of Time” Charity Calendar (£9.99) is a heartwarming tribute to those who generously give their time to make a difference.

Sept: Portia – Design by Pink Dot Design / Photo by Paul Madeley

Why Choose the “A Gift of Time” Calendar?

Philanthropy in Action: Every penny from your purchase goes directly to the Terrence Higgins Trust and the Sussex Beacon. By choosing this calendar, you’re actively contributing to critical healthcare and HIV/AIDS support services.

A Year of Impact: With your support, they can extend the “Gift of Time” and offer hope to those who need it most. Each calendar sold is a beacon of support, reaching out to those facing health challenges.

Practical and Heartfelt: This calendar is not just a timekeeper; it’s a daily reminder of the power of kindness. It’s a beautiful addition to your space, and it symbolises your commitment to positive change.

Choose the “A Gift of Time” Charity Calendar and let your days be filled with inspiration and purpose. With your purchase, you’re not only organising your year but also making a lasting impact in the lives of others. Thank you for your support.

You can buy the calendar for just £9.99 in various venues including The Bulldog, Legends and The Sussex Beacon shop or visit:

FEB: Vicki Vivacious – Design by Pink Dot Design / Photo by Paul Madeley

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