It’s always nice to pull yourself away from the beach after a hard day’s sun damage and head back into the jostle of restaurants and pubs, searching for a spot of decent afternoon dinner.

It was to my delight we stumbled on an old favourite, an establishment I had not frequented in quite some time.
The Globe on Middle Street, once the hipsters’ playground, now has a more subdued and relaxed feel, with a distinct shift towards the student market and a part takeover from the Sussex Student Union. For the typical student this is a haven, just far enough away from the commercialism on West Street and close enough to the scene setters in Middle Street, with added bonus of a late licence open until 2am every week night and 3am on weekends.

Me and my dining companion settled down for some food and instantly noticed the intriguing array of ‘World Cup inspired’ burgers, themed around the competing nations’ teams. This included the The MIGHTY APOLLO (Greece) – Lamb burger, topped with tzatziki and Greek salad and The BRAZILIAN – Pãesde-queijo inspired beef burger (cheese inside the burger!), topped with spicy bean and pork salsa and a wedge of sweet potato. When England were still in the competition (even though they were never really in it!), there was the ever-so odd sounding ING-GER-LAAND – Beef Burger, brown sauce, mature English cheddar, and a Yorkshire Pudding (with a dash of gravy).

I went for the slow-cooked Pulled Pork burger in brioche bun (£6.00) off the regular menu. It was packed full of delicately cooked and flavoured pulled pork, house BBQ sauce, shredded pickled apple and red cabbage.

The Globe 3

My dining companion chose the ‘construct your own burger’ adding ingredients to taste. She went for a beef, bacon, Monterey jack cheese, Onion rings and Guacamole burger – Yummers!

There was also a tasty side dish of homemade beef chilli fries and cheese(£3.50), filling enough on their own and surprisingly not too greasy. A perfect accompaniment to the richness of the pork and smoky flavours achieved in the beef burger.

We finished with a rather lip-smacking and calorific Krispy Krème Burger. A regular beef patty with bacon in a toasted Krispy Krème doughnut bun with sugar glaze. I have to say this was a clever and delicious (if not dangerous for your arteries) take on a savoury/sweet creation.

The globe 2

There’s a nice choice of drinks and light Ales plus some cracking student deals from as cheap as £2 a pint. Why not sit downstairs and catch a game on the big screen, with regular film nights and all the World Cup coverage.

If you like to dance then get on down to Sophisticated Mischief on the last Saturday night of the month for sleazy groovy tunes, 60’s soul, 70’s funk, chap fashion and cocktails. Free entry and running from 10pm until 3am. › Venues