Breast Surgery

The Good and Bad of Breast Enlargement Surgery: Know What to Expect

There is always at least some amount of risk every time someone decides to go under the knife, be it for necessary or cosmetic purposes. If you are considering breast enlargement surgery, then you will be happy to know that it’s not what pop culture makes it out to be – at least, not anymore. It’s neither as superficial as a lot of people believe, nor is it as dangerous.

Nevertheless, there are always risks and rewards to consider when it comes to plastic surgery. Knowing more about those advantages and disadvantages of a breast enlargement surgery in general will let you make a well-informed and conscious decision. So, without further delay, let us get into it next.

Breast Enlargement: Definition

There are a number of procedures that can aid a surgeon in adding volume to the patient’s breasts, but as long as it increases the size of their breasts, it can be called a breast enlargement procedure.

Methods Used in Breast Enlargement Surgery

It is difficult to know what your plastic surgeon will recommend for you without paying them a visit first. However, there are two primary technologies used for cosmetic breast enlargement:

  1. Implantation – A pair of silicon implants are inserted inside the breasts to achieve the desired volume and symmetry
  2. Fat injection – A newer method which does not require any implants, but there is an increased danger of breast cancer associated with fat injections

However, even if you choose the much safer silicon implantation method, your surgeon will have to determine which of the following methods to use for the operation:

  • Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) – An endoscope is used to insert the implants by entering through the belly button
  • Peri-areolar – A good method for hiding the insertion scar by blending it with the areola, but for those that wish to breastfeed, it may not be the ideal method
  • Trans-axillary – The silicon implants are inserted via the armpits, often with an endoscope
  • Sub-pectoral – This is the most common method of inserting silicon implants, but the scars which will remain just below the breasts are more directly visible than the other methods mentioned

Advantages of Breast Implants: The Good

The specific advantages of any breast related surgery can be highly personal and as long as it doesn’t compromise your own health in any way, you don’t need to provide justifications for the surgery to anyone, which includes the surgeon. Nevertheless, some of the more common benefits of breast enlargement can be summarised as:

  • Confidence – fuller, in-shape and firm breasts provide the right contours to a woman’s body, which can do wonders for someone’s confidence
  • Aesthetics – There is a lot of stigma around it, but if we were to speak based on scientific proof, humans like symmetry and see it as a determinant for aesthetics
  • Attraction – No justifications are necessary if you simply want a more attractive body
  • Symmetry – No two breasts are exactly the same, but in case one is significantly bigger or smaller than the other, an augmentation can easily fix it
  • Anti-aging – Breasts begin to lose shape and firmness with age, a breast implant + breast firming procedure can bring shape and firmness back
  • Rebuilding – Accidents and mastectomy can disfigure breasts, but mammoplasty can help women get back to looking and feeling like their former self again

Can You Keep Your Mammoplasty Private?

Maintaining privacy can be a real issue, as an immediate change in your bodily appearance will be easily noticeable by your colleagues, friends and relatives almost immediately. If you wish to keep your mammoplasty private like it should be, there is an excellent way to go about it.

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Breast Enlargement: The Bad

There are certain disadvantages of mammoplasty which cannot be denied either, so here’s what you should be mentally prepared for. The good news is that some of these are avoidable with proper care and adequate preparations:

  • Silicon implants can deflate/rupture after a decade or so, which would need further surgeries to correct
  • Aging will change the appearance of your breasts, which may require more surgeries to keep them looking natural
  • Fat injections and breast cancer has been related in multiple cases, although silicon implants are completely non-carcinogenic
  • Trying to save money by going to an unregistered and unlicensed surgeon can lead to shoddy and dangerous results
  • Peri-areolar implants often interfere with breastfeeding

As you may have noticed by now, most of these are avoidable to begin with, but maintenance of your implants will be necessary every decade or so. As long as you don’t have issues with that part, you are not likely to regret your decision to go for a breast enlargement surgery for any other reason.

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