The Hampton Arms – On The Upper Up

When you’ve just had a Bank Holiday, birthdays and other bits keeping you from the confines of your desk, it can be a hell of a culture shock having to go back to a five-day week. Dreaming of freedom while attempting to shift your brain back into gear is tough going. Especially on a Wednesday. So, bounding out of the office, a friend and I headed to The Hampton. Greeted warmly, we grabbed a pint of Kronenbourg (£4.40 or £3.55 during happy hour – take note!) and Brighton Pale Ale (£5.05) and hit the garden happy with the cool boozy nectar they had to offer. With the last rays of sunshine ticking our faces, we noticed the British Airways i360 ascending in the background, adorned with its red lights matching the sun setting around us. Beautiful.

Anyone that’s worked in catering will know how much of a nightmare service can be on a sunny afternoon. The Hampton has quite ingeniously created their own order cards to help get their new Build-A-Burger offerings out in a timely fashion. Choose your bun (£1), burger (single £4, double £7 or triple £9), cheese (£1), meaty toppings (£1), garnish (three for £1 or 40p each), sauce and finally chips (£2). With gluten free and vegan options, we soon realise this is a goldmine. So, I went for brioche, chicken, cheddar, chorizo, grilled flat mushroom, mayo and sweet potato fries respectively. Biting in to the perfectly toasted brioche, I could tell we were eating some quality produce. The chicken had a barbecue taste and matched the gently spiced chorizo gorgeously. Tender meat matched with a succulent mushroom for me is always a winner. The sweet potato fries were a really nice surprise – so often they taste of nothing as they’re so finely cut, but these were chunky enough for full flavour and had a salty, crisp outer.

My dining partner opted for brioche, beef, blue cheese, bacon, gherkins, mayo and regular fries and was more than happy with her selections. Well-seasoned beef matched the saltiness of the bacon, while the blue cheese brought all the flavours together being strong but not overpowering. Their emphasis on the perfect burger is spot on – there’s something for everyone here… We definitely made the kids on the next table jealous with our feasts.

The Hampton Arms is at 57 Upper North Street, Brighton, BN1 3FH

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