The Holly Kane Experiment

Filmed in and around Brighton, local writer Mick Sands (Three Acts) and director Tom Sands (Backtrack), The Holly Kane Experiment, a psychological thriller, premieres at Dukes, Komedia this month. Crafted by father-son duo, this thrilling drama explores the depths of mind control and deals with one woman’s battle with sanity faced by the extremities of psychological pressure, starring Kirsty Averton (Our Girl) and Nicky Henson (Vera Drake).

Experimental psychologist, Holly Kane (Averton), is researching about mind control techniques in attempt to explore her unconscious fears and thoughts. Whilst experimenting with drug-fuelled programming, two contrasting men enter her life. The film delved into paranoia and madness, concluding with Holly questions the truth about what is happening to her and whether she will find out before it is too late…

This compelling, conspiracy-fuelled thriller questions all of our darkest fears surrounding psychological experimentation, whilst filmed in Brighton, we are sure for it to feel close to home, with common sites recognisable within.

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