Lady Boys(1)


With entertainment soaring from start to finish at every performance, The Ladyboys of Bangkok is always brimming with magic. Originating out of Edinburgh in 1998, this sparkling cabaret show has become one of the most well-loved touring companies across the UK over the last 20 years. Featuring 16 stunning performers, their latest production The Greatest Showgirls Tour! sees the girls celebrating their 21st birthday. It’ll combine the glamour of Hollywood and glitz of Las Vegas with classic British music-hall traditions in a mesmerising spectacle.

With massive production value, a tremendous list of songs, dazzling costumes, and spectacular choreography, The Ladyboys of Bangkok offer a celebration of individually and pride every night. The cabaret’s own Sabai Pavilion is a warm, intimate venue that will find audiences escaping to the exotic surroundings of Bangkok as they step into the eye- catching pink tent. Freshly prepared Thai cuisine and well-stocked bars are also available for customers each evening.

Coming to Brighton & Hove as part of this year’s Fringe, the company will deliver splendid performances and making sure the crowds leave with smiles on their faces.

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