The Language of Sex – Interview with Julie Flynn

The Language of Sex is a series of three seminars. They take place at 5:30pm and 8pm on the last Sundays of the coming months, at The Bees Mouth pub in Hove. The seminars will explore the psychology behind relationships, dating and sex habits, as well as why they fail. I spoke with Julie Flynn, a motivational speaker by trade and the leader of these seminars.

Flynn chose this topic because it is fascinating to her and believes it to be educational to others. “It is an important life skill to be able to reflect, evaluate and take on new ideas. Unless you are aware of your choices, how can you make informed decisions on how to live your life? What I offer is an alternative view of relationships, based upon our needs and not our dreams.”

The seminars are based on extensive research. “I had informal interviews, questionnaires and discussion groups. I also conducted research in the form of experiments with various online dating apps and hosted an adult chat line.” The Seminars are also a result of Flynn’s own experiences in relationships, dating and sex. “After my last relationship with a wonderful guy ended because I had ‘cheated’, people – whose opinions I had always respected – turned against me and villainised me for what I did. However, aside from the hurt I had inflicted on my ex I didn’t actually feel I had done anything wrong.” Flynn’s opinions on relationships, dating and sex are definitely alternative, by means of going against the globalised tradition. However she acknowledges that people may either agree or disagree with the point of view she is trying to express and states “Whether you agree with me or not, these seminars will give people a new perspective from which they can re-examine their life choices.”

The seminars are open to anybody 18+, however Flynn hopes to reach a larger audience than just young adults – who are typically more interested in dating and sex. “These seminars are applicable to anyone 18+. However, I have found that older generations i.e. 50+ can often be resistant to change especially when those ideas are put to them by someone much younger. I wish I was able to talk to younger people about some of these findings but society needs to overhaul its entire attitude towards sex education before that could even be considered.”

The First seminar on Sun 29 Jan explores relationships and will focus on challenging the stereotypical tradition, set by religion and how ‘love’ is portrayed in films. The Second seminar on Sun 26 Feb looks into the new-world type of Dating such as Online vs. On the Pull. It will explore what methods of dating suit our needs and which is suitable for us as an individual. The Third seminar on Sun 26 Mar will revolve around sex. Human behaviours will be taken into account on how to turn any ordinary sex into a mind blowing experience.

If you have had trouble with relationships, dating and sex, or simply would like to here an different approach to these huge parts of life. Then head down to The Bees Mouth pub for drinks and discussion! For more information visit The Language of Sex on Facebook.

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