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The most common payment methods used by online casinos in Ireland

Depositing or withdrawing money on the various online casinos is no longer a problem. Thanks to technological advances, these procedures no longer involve any risk. Indeed, payment on online casinos is secure thanks to the various online banks, but also thanks to various softwares that make it possible to hide one’s credit card numbers.

Payments by credit card

This type of payment is the most common because it is much more convenient than a bank transfer. Casinos use encryption softwares to avoid exposing their customers to possible piracy risks. It is also the safest way for casinos to avoid the scamming of certain players. Moreover, with credit card payment, customers do not need to re-type their credit card numbers with each purchase. However, it is strongly advised to check the reliability of the casino in question before using its bank details. As the saying goes, “Caution is the mother of safety”.

The most commonly used cards in Ireland are VISA and Mastercard. These cards are not only used to make a deposit, but are also used to withdraw winnings. Thus, players do not need to enter a new card to be paid. Moreover, payment is instant and fast. Simply type in the card numbers, expiry date and the amount to be deposited and you’re done. Transaction fees are affordable, it is the most common way for Internet users to make online purchases or to play in casinos.

Online banks

Electronic wallets are also good perspectives for online gamers. Simply deposit funds into it and then link it to the casinos of your choice. This type of bank is strongly recommended because it is the safest way to do it. Speed is also one of the advantages of virtual wallets. Among so many virtual wallets, Paypal and Neteller are the most used by Irish online gamblers. However, some casinos, as the biggest online casino site in Ireland, also accept online banks such as Klarna for example. The advantage of making a deposit through these banks is the discretion without forgetting the speed.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is also an easy way to deposit money if you want to play in online casinos. However, the length of the transaction may get the players unsatisfied. Indeed, it takes a few days before you can play if you use bank transfer as a means of deposit. Some casinos also require identification documents to limit fraud. It is a good system to withdraw your winnings.

Prepaid cards

Pre-paid cards are an ideal way for players who do not have credit cards. Transactions are more secure, but players have to travel to buy the cards at the sales points. They can be accumulated and players are not forced to use them immediately. In addition, players can send each other gifts with these prepaid cards. PaySafeCard, Ticket Premium, NeoSurf, Ukash, EcoCard are the most common prepaid cards accepted by casinos.

Precautions before depositing money in an online casino

Although casinos use encryption softwares to secure transactions, it is mandatory for players to check the casino history before depositing funds. This is very important as you will be exposing your card and bank details in the casinos. To ensure the reliability and legitimacy of a site, you can first check the URL of the website. Then, you can search for customer reviews directly on the site or in forums. In addition, if the site has good and reactive customer service, you will be more confident before depositing your money. Finally, you can check the legal certificates of the site in question. It is also important to have peace of mind and play with serenity.

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