The Most Exciting Scenes from Gambling Movies of All Times

Casino movies have always been among the most watched movies worldwide. Card counting, sensational robberies, and high-stakes poker: Here is a list of the most memorable moments from gambling movies.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

One of the best movie scenes about casinos in Hollywood, but that was not even filmed in the gambling hall.

A remake of The Big Shot (1960) embellished with the presence of big-name movie stars, Steven Soderbergh’s film is a glossy thriller in which Brad Pitt and George Clooney play two con men whose plan is to steal $160 million from as many as three Las Vegas casinos.

The moment our heroes are about to blow up the tunnel connecting the MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and The Mirage, the tension turns to laughter thanks to Clooney’s carelessness, who forgets to change the batteries in the detonator.

Swingers (1996)

The new and old Las Vegas elements emerge clear in this movie, where budding actors Trent (Vaughn) and Mike (Favreau) don the Sunday suit and set off for Sin City in search of an old-fashioned adventure.

When they arrive at their destination, they find only old retirees and free consumption-they did not realize that the trip from Los Angeles will take six hours.

Like, true braggarts, they sit down at the wrong blackjack table and quickly lose their $300 bet with a single hand. If it had happened in modern times, we would have advised them to indulge in online blackjack, and they would indeed have spent less without any risk!

Run Lola Run (1998)

After a failed money delivery, Lola (Potente) has 20 minutes to find 100,000 Deutschmarks to deliver to the neighborhood gang, or her boyfriend will pay the price forever.

In a desperate race against time, Lola stops at the Berlin casino to turn 100 minor marks into something more. The scream the girl lets out as the roulette is about to stop is so piercing that it shatters crystal champagne glasses-a nice touch.

Rain Man (1988)

Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for Rain Man, a film that incidentally won the same award for best picture in 1988, where he played Raimond, an autistic savant, on an outing with his brother Charlie (Cruise).

The latter is desperately trying to find a way to save his dealership on the brink of bankruptcy and decides to take Raimond to visit one of Nevada’s casinos to play blackjack.

Casino Royale (2005)

Among the unforgettable movies we also find Casino Royale. Every actor who plays James Bond has to have his scene at the casino, and during his first outing as Her Majesty’s best spy in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig immediately hits the jackpot.

Texas Hold’em poker takes the place of the more traditional baccarat mentioned in the novels and becomes Bond’s weapon as he challenges arms dealer Le Chiffre at a table where the small and big blind cost a million dollars.

To make it to the end of the game and prevail over his opponent, Bond will have to survive a poisoning attempt and a heart attack, but no one could have done it better than he did.

Casino (1995) 

Martin Scorsese was not at the top of his game when he reunited the winning duo of Goodfellas, namely Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, to tell the more-or-less true story of a Las Vegas casino manager in the 1970s: too many voiceovers and too much violence, but it is impossible to deny the charm, vitality, and class of the fashionable suits in this movie.

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)

The Oceans trilogy came to a stunted conclusion in 2007, closing the loop with another film filled with showbiz names and set in a new Las Vegas casino.

Written by David Levien and Brian Kopelman, who had already collaborated during The Gambler and later in Runner Runner, the movie reunites Danny Oceans with his gang of thieves.

The plot veers into the improbable, and too many A-list actors compete for the starring role on screen, but the earthquake simulation is a treat not to be missed.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

If you have ever played the video game Fallout, in your imagination, Las Vegas will be a semi-deserted futuristic city populated by crazed soldiers and jackals.

This post-apocalyptic setting is also taken up in the atmospherically rich sequel Blade Runner, which arrived in theaters in 2017.

The protagonist of the original, bounty hunter Deckard (played by Ford), is holed up in the lounge of a former casino that, like Deckard himself, has seen better days.

With the replicant played by Gosling on his trail, the two give away a shootout accompanied by classic Elvis Presley songs sung by the King of Rock’s hologram.

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