The Most Fashionable Sunglass Designs That Can Be Used For Sports Too

There are so many cool sunglasses out there that have different and extra features, you can even have them customized to your needs and preferences. There are also very cool shades that can be used when you’re playing your favorite sport also; take a look below at some of the best designs that you can find for your shades.

Did You Know That Replacement Lenses Are a Thing?

Sometimes even the best kinds of sunglasses lose their spark, needing some necessary upgrades for its lenses. These replacement lenses are developed with optical clarity in the glass with its polyamide lenses, considered to be even better than your old original lenses. The designs are available for many different model brands too, even the different Nike models that are available for Nike fans and sold all around the world. You just need to know your sunglass model information and the size of the model too, so you can easily find out the perfect replacement lenses for it. After that, you’re good to go and ready to use it like it’s as good as new.

The Different Variety

It depends on what you’re using them for, whether on a normal sunny day or when you’re practicing sports, take a look at some of the greatest innovative designs for shades that are sure to grab your attention:

  • The Podium Shield:

This type has great features, and it’s not so pricey either. It’s got a transparent and flexible Tr-90 construction, with UV-resistant nylon for 100% protection. And it’s equipped with high-grade rubber nose and earpieces to secure them comfortably on your face while you’re performing any sport; a very good choice for outdoor activities.

  • Screw Wrap:

This model is a non-polarized performance type of shades, designed with a combination of polycarbonate lenses and a lightweight grilamid frame. They have a ventilation cut on the sides of the upper corner of the lenses and it also has a hytrel nose and temple pads to keep them snug and secure on your face; a very nice and retro-futuristic design.

  • Equinox:

These amazing shades have a bio-plastic frame with a pair of polarized ellume bio-plastic lenses. It’s lightweight and makes you feel like you aren’t wearing them, a very flexible and versatile model that is sure to help you look great for any intense activity. It’s a very good choice for people who love extreme sports.

  • Thief Design:

A very unique design with a sleek feature that gives you the ability to flip the lenses up via a hinge. The frame is made from a tough grilamid and titanium body, offering great flexibility and strength. It also has lenses that are 10 times stronger than your normal polycarbonate, an excellent choice to give you more undistorted peripheral vision.

The Choice Is Yours

So you can see now the different variety of shades and their replacement lenses available to you. They are also designed to be worn perfectly without a problem for a lot of different sports. You can play and perform with style and have protection for your eyes too, it doesn’t get any better than this if you ask me.

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