The Nightingale presents Nicki Jackowska: Behold

The Nightingale is pleased to present the latest edition of Under The Influence, an initiative that invites artists to explore the themes that have inspired and affected them over the course of their careers. Previous artists have included Wendy Houstoun and Graham Miller.

“The language manages to be at once incisive, moving and challenging. Behold is a poem that deserves to be heard and read widely, and 2015 might be a fitting year for that to happen.”

June’s event comes to The Old Market on Sat 27 June, created and choreographed by poet, novelist, performer and playwright Nicki Jackowska, The evening has its genesis in the desire to contribute to the 2015 anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Nicki’s poem Behold evokes the Holocaust and provides the text for the evening. The assembled company have responded with new work, either to the words of the poem, to the issues it confronts and/or to wider associations such as loss of identity, confinement, genocide. Importantly, the event also celebrates courage and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit to survive and restore.

“I’ve been told I’ve created a new art-form from a single poem,” says Jackowska. “Revisiting Behold, along with other artists’ responses to it – the poem has grown and different aspects have come to the fore.

“This event has been created in collaboration with the artists who now form a company, something I had no idea would happen. Under The Influence has provided an opportunity to consolidate a long-term ambition – the transmutation of my text into embodiment, vocal and instrumental sound, image, etc. The project has evolved into a seamless whole, including unforeseen collaborations, an integrated ensemble.”

Nicki Jackowska: Behold comes to The Old Market on Sat 27 June.

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