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The Parents Class: the Brighton-based antenatal class standing up for upright birthing

There’s a growing movement among expectant mothers in Brighton, a movement led by a new antenatal class provider that’s helping mums retake control of their birthing choices by reviving an age-old technique: upright birthing.

As far back as records go, women have been giving birth in a variety of standing, sitting, squatting, or kneeling positions, collectively known as upright birthing positions.

Led by their body’s instinctive movement, mothers throughout history have adopted this practice on account of it being a safer and less painful way to give birth. 

Contrary to popular belief, giving birth lying down on one’s back is a relatively modern phenomenon and one that many mothers tend to find uncomfortable and restrictive.

What upright birthing offers instead is the freedom to choose a position that instinctively feels right. This freedom has been shown to be hugely beneficial:

  • Reducing labour time by up to 6 minutes
  • Reducing the risk of emergency c-sections by 29% 
  • Reducing the risk of medical interventions by 23% 
  • Reducing the risk of baby becoming distressed during labour by 54%

Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) are recommending upright positions for birth.

However, despite these recommendations, one of the main barriers to more women adopting upright positions continues to be a lack of awareness. 

That’s why The Parents Class, who are a Brighton based antenatal class provider, are such passionate campaigners for the adoption of upright positions. 

Their Clinical Director, Cass McNamara, is on a mission to help more women have better births, a mission that helped guide the design of the courses:

We know there’s no ‘one-rule-for-all’ when it comes to being pregnant and giving birth so we aim to be a consistent source of education that meets their needs, whatever those needs may be.

Likewise, for General Manager Sammy Pettitt, it was crucial for The Parents Class to champion upright birthing not just because of its proven benefits, but also because of what its adoption represents: 

We’ve taken a fresh approach to antenatal education, placing upright birthing at the forefront. Expectant parents should be at the centre of their own experience and have the power to make informed choices about their care.

It’s this emphasis on parents having the power to make informed decisions that seems to drive everything The Parents Class do. 

And if the momentum behind the upright birthing movement is anything to go by, mums are embracing The Parents Class’ fresh approach to antenatal education with open arms. 

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