Bridging the gap between premium priced boutiques and the ‘stack it high, sell it cheap’ mentality of the high street chains, The Specky Wren has a new vision for how opticians should be.

Optometrist Marco Wren and Store Manager David “Specky” Carmichael have almost 40 years’ experience in the industry. Not only do they strive to provide the perfect customer experience, but they hope to have a positive impact on the thriving local community.

Both of them experiencing all aspects of their industry, from dispensing and working in labs to customer service, they learnt their craft in a wide range of opticians in Brighton and London. After a while it became apparent the pair had a similar idea of how the perfect opticians should be. So a natural next step was to set up a practice together. Marco Wren is adamant about the simple reason for starting their own business: “We wanted to create a shop where we, and our families, would feel at home in a friendly and affordable shopping environment”.

The Specky Wren is at 1-2 Marshalls Row, Brighton, BN1 4JU

Nestled next the rejuvenated London Road Open Market, the store has a contemporary feel to it, with a lively and warm colour scheme throughout. Although the airy, relaxing and informal premises feel fresh and new, it still maintains one small connection to the past. A street barrow, used on the Open Market for decades, now gets ingeniously reused as a display for part of their sizable frame range.

This range features over 500 different frames, in a number of colour-ways and styles, from the inexpensive to the flashiest of designer bands. Opting to stock high quality items from a wide gamut of small companies, means that The Specky Wren is the place to find that individual fashion statement you’re looking for.

The Specky Wren is at 1-2 Marshalls Row, Brighton, BN1 4JU

Wren and Carmichael take pride in offering a comfortable, reassuring experience, focussed on every elements of eye-care. Rather than taking as many booking as possible, to keep costs low, they ensure every patient is allocated the time and attention required.

Located at the heart of an exponentially regenerating London Road’s shopping district, The Specky Wren’s simple ethos is to provide each customer with a pair of glasses that are comfortable, suitable and realistically priced.

The Specky Wren
1-2 Marshalls Row,
BN1 4JU.
Tel: 01273 911191