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The Three Pillars of Sustainability – By Take Good Care

Sustainable shopping goes beyond asking people to reuse plastic bags!

We have never been more aware of the impact we make on our environment – but the responsibility to shop more consciously cannot be solely put on customers. Businesses in East Sussex also need to step up and ensure they are operating sustainably.

take good care is a wellness lifestyle brand based in Lewes, and we make sure we address the three pillars of sustainability in everything we do:

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Societal

Our founder, Barbara Rowe, is passionate about making a positive impact on the world. She uses the take good care shop in the Needlemakers to provide a meeting space for the community, while also selling sustainable, eco-friendly and fair-trade gifts.

The idea, says Barbara, is to provide a one stop shop for all your selfcare and sustainable needs “show people how to take good care of our environment and ourselves when we shop”. You can shop consciously knowing that the research has already been done for you. 

take good care is now one of the leading eco-friendly shopping brands in East Sussex. Here’s what we do to maintain corporate social responsibility. 

Environmental Sustainability

take good care’s ethos is based on sustainability. Since launching in 2020 we have strived to be environmentally conscious in every decision we make.

That means recycled or compostable packaging, vegan friendly products and using locally sourced suppliers.

At take good care you will find new and pre-loved clothing, gifts hampers handbags and accessories made from recycled or vegan friendly materials, sustainable homewares, Yoga Equipment, fairtrade jewellery, gifts, a book exchange as well as range of self-care books.

All of this helps reduce our carbon footprint and makes us as environmentally friendly as possible.

Economic Sustainability

We want to make eco shopping economically viable for producers and consumers at an affordable price.

Barbara works with a range of female entrepreneurs local to Sussex. They include a soap maker in Hastings, an African homeware accessories producer in Eastbourne, and a soft furnishings designer in Ringmer.

Barbara also goes out of her way to meet with other local businesses in person to encourage them with their businesses.  She attends local networking events and gives talks on being a social entrepreneur.

Societal Sustainability

Here at take good care we love to give back. Barbara is a diversity trainer and knows the value of strong communities. We regularly donate to good causes within East Sussex and founded the take good care awards scheme.

Our sales of pre-loved clothing have raised over £350 for local charities since we launched our Lewes shop 8 months ago, and we have recently donated £150 to a Sussex Counselling Service.

We can all make a difference

One company cannot change the world. However, we believe our community, as a collective, can help make the world a better place to live in. Whether it be sourcing local products and working with Sussex-based enterprises or championing local heroes. For more info and to see what’s on offer visit: www.takegoodcare.co.uk

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