Five years ago The Ting Tings were huge, so huge they topped both the singles and album charts and were even playing to thousands at Glastonbury. But, almost as quickly as they’d arrived, they disappeared. Earlier this year, they resurfaced with a new sound and a new album recorded in Ibiza with former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor. So, after such a long time away, making their return to the south coast meant it was hard to know just what to expect.

If absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, then despite their time out of the limelight, the warm welcome they received from The Haunt audience was testament that there’s still a lot of love around for The Ting Tings, or at least a lot of people curious enough to see what the duo had been up to.

Onstage, the drums and guitar of Jules De Martino and Katie White were augmented by Boix, a DJ on midi controllers and decks and between them and the nifty use of loops; they made a much bigger sound than three people should rightly be capable of. Whilst Jules provided the funky beats, Katie brought the energy. Indeed, from beginning to end it was an energy rush as The Ting Tings belted out most of the songs from their new album – a return to form after that difficult second record. Indeed, it was like the past had been erased as Super Critical tracks dominated the 11-song set.

This was the opening night of their UK tour and followed a week of gigs in Europe. Right from the first pair of songs ‘Wrong Club’ and the equally infectious ‘Do It Again’ it was clear the duo were excited to be back playing live after a three-year hiatus and there was no let up in their performance. Katie was a ball of energy, her blonde mane flailing around her like some exotic whirling dervish.

The Chic-like new songs were even more energised than on record and even the two golden oldies ‘That’s Not My Name‘ and ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’ sounded as fresh and as vibrant as they did back in the day. Even returning for two more songs – including the night’s highlight ‘Green Poison’ – it was all over way too soon. Like the Super Critical album, which runs for just over thirty minutes, it was as short as it was sweet. Despite the brevity, it was also an impressive return for a band that deserves a second shot at success.

On the back of this performance, the next time The Ting Tings come to Brighton they should be able to fill out a bigger room, but before they do, they’ll also need to find ways to fill out their set.

The Ting Tings latest album ‘Super Critical’ is out now

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Words by Gary Marlowe and photo by Images Out Of The Ordinary