The Top 5 Bingo Halls in the Brighton Area

Bingo is a game that has remained popular in Brighton for many years and despite the decline in the overall land-based game, there are still plenty of physical bingo halls to be found in the area. Indeed, many bingo halls in the UK are attracting a frequently younger audience so if you thought that bingo was only for the older generation then you would be mistaken! Players young and old are enjoying the game like never before so we thought we would take a look at some of the better halls that can be found in the Brighton area.

Gala Bingo Brighton
This bingo hall is always happy to welcome new members and you can join online before you travel there to save you time. There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions so you really can decide when you want to play and the hall is open 7 days a week.

You will find it on Freshfield Way and the Main Event game costs just £3 to enter. If you’re looking to play at this bingo hall then we would recommend signing up for an account on the website as there are exclusive promotions that can be claimed so head over to Gala’s website and search for the Brighton bingo hall.

Windmill Bingo
This one is a little further afield in Chichester and you will find Windmill Bingo located on Montalan Crescent. This hall is also open 7 days a week and there are also morning, afternoon and evening sessions available. This hall is a lot smaller than Gala so it is perfect for those looking for a more intimate experience and a great option for smaller groups. The complex takes group bookings so give them a call and you can get booked up.

Deluxe Bingo Club
Yet again, this one is slightly out with Brighton and you will find the Deluxe Bingo Club in Eastbourne on Pevensey Road. The hall is a little outdated but there are still plenty of games to enjoy. There is a bar and this bingo hall still proves popular for thousands of locals every week. The site offers free breakfast for certain early morning games and there are big prizes to play for every single day. It’s another one that won’t compete with Gala but it is certainly still worth a visit.

Don’t Want to Go Out?
Of course, not everyone has the chance to get out to their local bingo hall on a regular basis so sometimes sites such as are more appropriate especially when the weather is bad! If you are from the Brighton area then perhaps some online bingo would be appropriate at times when leaving the house isn’t the best idea. You can still play for real cash and even chat to other like-minded players in the chatrooms in the various lobbies that exist on these sites.

Bingo Plus
You will find Bingo Plus in Aldershot on Victoria Road and this is a much smaller bingo hall than most players will be used to. The small building looks more like a shop than anything else but it is a nice family-sized place to play the game. There are both bingo games and fruit machine to enjoy at this quaint location. It won’t be for everyone but if you’re in the area and feel like a game then it is a good choice with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Gala Bingo Portland Road
Back to Brighton now and it’s for a visit to our second Gala Bingo hall and our last on this list. This is another excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the full power of the Gala Bingo brand but are perhaps close to the Portland Road area. This hall also has pretty much everything that the Freshfield Way hall does so if you’re closer to this side of Brighton then certainly check this hall out. It can get busy at weekends so booking in advance is advised.

Which One Will You Choose?
As you can see, there are several options for bingo players looking to play some bingo in Brighton. You can choose from the several bingo halls that we have mentioned above or try out the online game if the weather is bad and you want to stay indoors. Both Gala Bingo halls offer the complete experience so be sure to consider these by singing up online on the Gala Bingo website. Then you will be ready to play. Good luck!

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