The top foreign films you may have missed

The digital revolution is far reaching, from games on our mobiles, spanning addictive match 3s to potentially lucrative casino games, to the eternal entertainment fountain of films and TV shows that is Netflix. Such services can turn our living rooms into home cinemas with a massive range of movies that may not have featured at the local cinema, from Indie flicks to foreign gems. If you’re tiring of the stereotypical Hollywood fare then why not check out some of these original, foreign movies which are far from the mainstream.

hqdefaultHeadhunters – Norway

The Scandinavian nations have given us many startlingly original crime thrillers, but Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters manages to deliver a perfect blend of action, comedy and drama. Released in 2011, the movie quickly became the highest-grossing Norwegian film of all-time thanks to a riveting script that saw an art thief running for his life as his victim hunts him down.

With many memorable moments from the horrendous Tarantino-esque toilet scene to the darkly funny dog-impaled-on-a-tractor set-piece, it earned phenomenal reviews and quickly set its star Aksel Hennie on his way to Hollywood with a recent appearance in The Martian.

AndyLau2005God of Gamblers – China

One of the more surprising niche genres that can definitely provide for more than a few days’ entertainment is exploring the range of Chinese gambling movies. And one of the best of these is 1989’s God of Gamblers that saw Chow Yun-Fat starring as a gifted gambler who runs into trouble in the gambling houses of Tokyo.

Not only did it show the great potential of Hong Kong as a film-making centre of the world, but it also revealed just how much excitement a game of poker can bring. For those wishing to try their luck in a much safer environment, then Betway’s range of online casino games can provide all of the massive winnings and thrilling gameplay of God of Gamblers, but without the risk of being run down by a gang of Japanese assassins!

16258864662_7f8523c04eIda – Poland

And then should you wish to repent for all of the gaming fun, then there are few films as beautifully spiritual as Pawel Pawlikowski’s 2013 masterpiece Ida. This wonderfully-shot black and white movie follows a nun as she momentarily leaves the convent to consider a life in the strange and tempting world of everyday life.

The film managed to touch upon a range of themes running through Polish society with a surprising degree of sensitivity. And with Ida still providing a great deal of controversy in Poland, it serves as a welcome reminder as to how powerful the modern movie can be.

So whether you’re interested in seeing fun and fearless Chinese films focusing on casino games, or want to explore some gritty violence in the Norwegian wilderness, there’s certainly a lot more out than the the endless array of comic-book movie sequels.

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